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The Technical Assistance for Employers program offers a variety of publications for Oregon employers, supervisors, managers, and human resource professionals. Technical Assistance works closely with bureau enforcement divisions to provide you with relevant materials that cover the latest developments in employment law.  
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Child Labor Laws 
Documentation, Discipline & Discharge 
Employee Classification & Wage and Hour Exemptions
Wage and Hour Laws 
Commonly Required Postings in Oregon ("9-in-1") Poster 
Commonly Required Postings in Oregon ("7-in-1") Poster 
Agricultural Composite Poster ("12-in-1") Poster
A Guide to Employee Leave Laws in Oregon Poster 
Oregon Minimum Wage Poster
Oregon Family Leave Act Poster
Child Labor Laws
2012 Edition
Child Labor Laws, is a new handbook introduced in 2012 for Oregon employers that details the child labor specific requirements of both state and federal wage and hour law. This handbook provides an all-in-one-place resource for understanding and applying child labor law requirements on topics like Oregon’s annual Employment Certificate, age verification, working conditions, and hours of work limitations.  Also included are clear discussions on how child labor laws handle volunteers, students, trainees, as well as parental and agricultural exemptions. Child Labor Laws provides a straightforward process for determining what work a minor employee can lawfully perform on the job and includes an extensive description of prohibited hazardous occupations.  Text includes a detailed table of contents and a full index. 77 pages, $15  
Employee Classification & Wage and Hour Exemptions 
2013 Edition
Misclassification of employees – both as “non-employees” and as “exempt” – has created some of the most fertile ground for employment law disputes and litigation in recent years. Oregon law often requires state agencies to assess back taxes, penalties, and interest against employers that misclassify workers.  Likewise, employees misclassified as exempt may also seek back wages, civil penalty wages and interest for unpaid minimum wage and overtime through the Bureau of Labor and Industries or the courts. Use the Employee Classification & Wage and Hour Exemptions handbook to get a solid grasp on the legal criteria used to determine which of your workers are employees – and which are not.  It will also help you correctly identify which of your employees qualify for exemptions from minimum wage and overtime requirements. 
Featuring commonly asked questions, legislative updates and a complete index, this new handbook provides a comprehensive “go-to” guide for the worker classifications and the wage and hour exemptions available to Oregon employers.  Spiral bound / opens flat for easy reference. 80 pages, $30


Employment Leave Laws
2014 Edition!!
The 2014 version of the fully updated Employment Leave Laws for Oregon handbook is now available.  This valuable resource for employers explains the various protected leaves for employees including the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA), Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the ADA, Oregon Military Family Leave Act, injured workers, and Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault or Stalking.  This comprehensive guide covers eligibility for different types of leave, required notice and documentation, leave tracking methods, and more.  This publication is spiral bound and opens flat for easy reference. 159 pages, $40







Legal Hiring Practices
2013 Edition
Updated for 2013!  Legal Hiring Practices is a concise guide to identifying and hiring the right person for the job without creating unnecessary legal claims.  Legal Hiring Practices provides helpful guidance tips and resources on every aspect of the hiring decision, ranging from creating a position description all the way through to conducting a successful new-hire orientation - including up to date information on avoiding liability for discrimination, negligent hiring, background checks and invasion of privacy claims.  78 pages, $40 


Wage and Hour Laws  
2015 Edition
The updated 2015 Wage and Hour Laws handbook provides information on Oregon's wage collection laws, minimum wage, overtime, and child labor. Employers are provided with basic information on work hours, paydays, final paychecks, lawful deductions, meal and rest periods, minimum wage, exempt employee classification, and much more. The book also provides information on child labor laws. Printed statutes and rules have not been included in this handbook as they are subject to change and are readily available on the internet. References to the applicable statutes and rules are cited in the text. 102 pages, $40 
 Documentation Discipline & Discharge 
2013 Edition!!
Possibly the most litigated workplace disputes involve disciplining and terminating employees. This Handbook shows employers how to properly document employee performance, provide feedback to keep employees on track, deal swiftly and fairly with problem employees, and conduct a discharge in a way that minimizes your risk of liability.  86 pages, $40
When it comes to compliance with state and federal posting requirements, many Oregon employers would have to admit that they are not following the rules--and that they are often not sure what the rules are!  TA's posters take the guess work out of finding the right posters and keeping you up to date. 
2016 Composite Poster for Large Oregon Employers; ("9-in-1") Poster
Two sided:  English on one side and Spanish on the other.
Our "Commonly Required Postings in Oregon for 2015" composite poster for employers with 25 or more employees, contains all updated posters including the most recent state and federal minimum wage posters. This poster, also called the "9-in-1" poster, includes: 
1) Oregon State Minimum Wage poster
2) Oregon Family Leave Act poster
3) Oregon OSHA poster
4) Oregon Domestic Violence poster
5) Federal Minimum Wage poster
6) Federal Family and Medical Leave Act poster
7) EEOC “It’s The Law” poster
8) Federal Polygraph Protection Notice
9) Federal USERRA (military rights) poster
It´s an easy way to stay in compliance. At 2´x 3´ this poster is just the right size for lunchroom bulletin boards and even office doors. Two sided - English/Spanish.  $12.50, plus shipping and handling.
2016 Composite Poster for Small Oregon Employers; ("7-in-1") Poster
Two sided: English on one side and Spanish on the other.
Our "Commonly Required Postings in Oregon for 2015" composite poster for private non-government employers with 24 or less employees, contains all updated posters including the most recent state and federal minimum wage posters that are generally required. 
This poster, also called the  “7-in-1” poster, includes:
1) Oregon State Minimum Wage poster
2) Oregon OSHA poster
3) Oregon Domestic Violence poster
4) Federal Minimum Wage poster
5) EEOC “It’s The Law” poster
6) Federal Polygraph Protection Notice
7) Federal USERRA (military rights) poster
This 24” by 33” poster is a convenient way to stay in compliance with state and federal posting requirements.  Two sided - English/Spanish. $12.50, plus shipping/handling.
Agricultural Composite poster (“12-in-1”) poster
The Bureau also sells a poster designed specifically for the Agricultural concern. This poster includes all the state and federal postings most agricultural employers must display. This 27” x 39” poster is laminated and brightly colored for outdoor display. It is in English on one side and Spanish on the other and costs $17.50, plus shipping and handling.  
Required Oregon Minimum Wage Poster - FREE
All Oregon employers are required to post this notice in an area where all employees can easily see it. You can download it for free using the links below. Both of our "Commonly Required Postings in Oregon for 2015" posters includes this poster.  
Download the Oregon Minimum Wage Poster in 
Required Oregon Family Leave Act Poster - FREE
All Oregon employers with 25 or more employees are required to display this poster. You can download it for free using the links below. Our "Commonly Required Postings in Oregon for 2015" poster for large employers includes this poster.   
Download the Oregon Family Leave Act Poster English​ OFLA-Poster-2015 English.pdf or Spanish OFLA-Poster-2015-Spanish.pdf