Farm / Forest Labor Contractor

Certified Payroll Reports:

All Farm and Farm/Forest Labor Contractors are required to submit to the Bureau of Labor and Industries a certified true copy of all payroll records for work done as a farm or farm/forest labor contractor when the contractor pays employees directly.
Pursuant to ORS 658.440 (1)(i), these payroll records shall be submitted in such a form and at such times and shall contain such information as the commissioner, by rule, may prescribe.
The Bureau has created Form WH-141 to facilitate the submission of certified true copy of payroll records. This form is available to any interested person by way of the Bureau’s online forms directory or by contacting the Farm / Forest Labor Licensing Unit at 503-373-1463.  Any person may copy this form or use a similar form provided such form contains all the elements of Form WH-141, including the certification statement.
The first certified true copy of all payroll records is due no later than 35 days from the time the contractor begins work on each contract and must include whatever payrolls the contractor has paid out at the time of the report.
If the contract lasts more than 70 days, succeeding wage certification reports are due at 35 day intervals (e.g., 35, 70, 105, and 140 days)  from the time work begins on the contract, and they must include whatever payrolls the contractor has paid out during the period of each report.
Note: Contractors who have recruited, solicited or supplied workers from the state of Oregon who are employed on farm or forestation/reforestation contracts located outside the State of Oregon must also comply with the provisions of this rule.
The wages paid to the officers of the corporation may be omitted from the Form WH-141 and any other records submitted under this rule.
The certified true copy of payroll records must be submitted to:
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Wage and Hour Division, Farm Labor Unit
3865 Wolverine Street, NE, Bldg. E-1
Salem, OR 97305
Alternatively, certified true copies of payroll records may also be submitted electronically. For more information on how to submit certified payrolls electronically please click on the following link: Submitting Certified Payrolls by E-Mail.
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