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All Divisions   Current Proposed Rules and Newly Finalized Rules
Rule changes that are currently being considered by the Bureau of Labor and Industries. 
Division 1 Wage Collection
Rules regulating wage claim enforcement, maximum hours of work in certain industries, Wage Security Fund administration, and group health insurance termination notification.
Division 2 Procedural Rules
Rules that guide BOLI in the rulemaking process.
Division 3 Civil Rights Complaint Procedures
Rules that govern Civil Rights Division procedures for processing all complaints filed with the division.
Division 4 Retaliation for Opposition to Health and Safety Hazards
Rules that give civil rights protection to employees expressing opposition to workplace health and safety hazards. 
Division 5 Civil Rights, General Description of Discrimination
A description of the Civil Rights Division´s general approach to the enforcement of civil rights statutes. 
Division 6 Injured Worker and Disability Discrimination
Rules giving civil rights protection for injured and disabled workers, and protection of disabled individuals from discrimination in public accommodations. 

Division 7 ​Oregon Sick Time Rules
​Enforcement of an employee´s right to earn and take sick time.
Division 9 Oregon Family Leave Act
Enforcement of an employee´s right to take family medical leave. 
Division 10 Whistleblowing Disclosures by Employees
Rules giving protection to employees who report certain behavior of their employers or employees who report criminal activity or are involved in a civil procedure.
Division 11 Apprenticeship and Training Council
Rules governing the Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council and the conduct of the apprenticeship program, providing career training for workers.
Division 14 Farm Worker Camp Operators
Rules regulating farm-worker camp operators. 
Division 15 Construction, Farm and Forest Labor Contractors
Rules pertaining to licensing and regulation of certain labor contractors.
Division 17 Private Employment Agency Matters
Rules regulating private employment agencies that charge applicants a fee for services.
Division 19 Regulation of Civil Penalties for Child Labor Violations
Rules regulating the assessment of civil penalties for child labor violations.
Division 20 Minimum and Overtime Wages and Working Conditions
Rules pertaining to minimum wage, overtime and working conditions (including meal and rest periods). 
Division 21 Employment of Minors, Wage and Hour Commission
Rules regulating the employment of minors under age 18. 

Division 25   Prevailing Wage Rates on Public Works
Rules regulating the determination and enforcement of prevailing wage rates on public works contracts.
Division 30 Public Records Requests
Rules on granting public records requests and selecting consultants to provide personal services. 
Division 50 Contested Case Hearing Rules
Guidelines followed in providing timely and thorough contested case hearings.
Division 51 Confidentiality and Inadmissibility of Mediation Communications
Rules pertaining to the confidentiality and inadmissibility of communications made during the course of mediations conducted by BOLI.