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NOTICES - Rules & Policies


Adopted Temporary:
Division 85 - Sex Offender Notification Levels
255-085-0010 through 0060
Rule Effective Date: March 21, 2017 through September 16, 2017. 
The Board is preparing a permanent version and appropriate notice will be provided.


Adopted Permanent:
Division 5 - Definitions
255-005-0005 - Definitions
(42) “Reasonable Cause”: The quantum of information that would cause a reasonably prudent person to believe that a condition or circumstance exists.
Addition in bold. Also clean up of grammar and punctuation.
Rule Effective Date: April 5, 2017. 
Adopted Permanent:
Exhibit Q1 - Sex Offender Risk Assessment Scale 
Exhibit Q2 - Sex Offender Risk Assessment Definitions and Criteria
Exhibits amended to update the Sex Offender Risk Assessment Scale, and Definitions and Criteria to reflect current methodologies.
Referenced in rules: 255-060-0011, 0016.
Rule Effective Date: April 5, 2017. 
Adopted Permanent:
Division 80 - Administrative Appeal
255-080-0001 - Exhaustion of Remedies
(1) A Board order is final and effective the date it is signed, however it is not final for purposes of the time period within which to appeal to the Court of Appeals until the inmate/offender exhausts his or her administrative review remedies.
(2) An inmate/offender has exhausted his or her administrative remedies after complying with OAR 255-080-0005 and OAR 255-080-0008, and after the Board denies review, or grants review and either denies or grants relief. The Board shall notify the inmate/offender that exhaustion has occurred and the time for judicial appeal of appealable orders shall run from the mailing date of the notice.
Addition in bold.
Rule Effective Date: April 5, 2017. 
Adopted Permanent:
Division 30 - Prison Term Hearing and Hearing Procedures
Section 255-030-0015 - When Full Board is Required; Procedures for Board Decisions
Amend number of Board of Parole members required to conduct a hearing and to make a final decision to conform rule with statutes now that the Board has added additional members.
Rule Effective Date:   04/25/2016
Adopted Permanent:
Division 85 – Sex Offender Notification Levels
Division 85 establishes classification rules and begins implementation of ORS 163A-100 through 163A.115, HB2549 (2013) and HB2320 (2015), which creates the Sex Offender Notification Level system.
  • OAR 255-085-0010:  Definitions
  • OAR 255-085-0020:  Sex Offender Risk Assessment Methodology
  • OAR 255-085-0030:  Timelines for Classifying Registrants
  • OAR 255-085-0040:  Procedures for Classifying Adult Male Registrants – Exhibits SO-1, SO-2, SO-3
  • OAR 255-085-0050:  Procedures for Classifying Young Male Registrants, Female Registrants, and Category B Registrants – Exhibits SO-1L, SO-2L, SO-3L
Rule Effective Date:   01/27/2016




Effective February 1, 2017: Medical Marijuana Possession and Use













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