​Do I need lead certification courses?

If you disturb painted surfaces on homes built before 1978, you probably need to be certified as lead-safe. This is a two-step process.
  1. Take an eight-hour certification course approved by the Oregon Health Authority. The certification is good for five years and tells us you completed training in how to handle lead-based paint safely. 
  2. Obtain a Lead-Based Paint Renovator's License (LBPR) from the CCB. This license costs $50 annually.
Your initial lead training expires after five years. You must take a "refresher" course before that happens to keep your CCB license in good standing. 
  • Refresher courses are approved by the Oregon Health Authority and the EPA and are good for three years or five years, depending on whether you take the class in-person or online.
Where to find lead certification courses

CCB continuing education credit for lead courses (New!)

All contractors now earn CCB continuing education credit for taking the lead-safe classes.
  • Any government-approved eight-hour certification course counts for your three CCB laws, regulations and business practices credits plus your five hours of Series A business practices courses.
  • Refresher courses count as Series A credit.

How do contractors get credit?

The CCB will apply your credits when you present your lead training certificate to obtain or maintain your CCB lead license.