Catalog of approved classes

This catalog lists approved continuing education classes. Commercial contractors are welcome to find classes here but are not limited to this catalog. Residential contractors only get credit for the CCB-approved classes or programs identified in this catalog.

Residential contractor requirements

Unless exempt, all residential contractors need: 

  • 5 hours of Series A business practices (building codes and safety as well as bidding, estimating, accounting, marketing, construction law, customer service, and other courses that help you run your business) 
Licensed by the CCB for less than six years? 
  • You need 8 additional hours. These added hours can be either Series A or Series B or a mix of both. Series B classes are about how to do your work, meaning they are trade-specific. Energy efficiency courses are Series B. 

Find 3 hours of CCB laws, regulations and business practices classes

ccb online.jpg
Live CCB courses in your community  On​​line courses (log into your CCB account)

Sources for remaining 5 or 13 hours

trades.jpg private business.jpg
Trade associations/unions and industry organizations provide a mix
of live and online classes
​ as well as a mix of Series A and Series B
classes. Oregon Home Builders Association classes are found here​
Private education providers offer Series A and Series B classes.
Most are online
gov.jpg suppliers.jpg
State agencies, including Oregon OSHA, often offer free courses on
 important topics such  as safety.
These are generally Series A classes.
Product and equipment suppliers/manufacturers generally offer Series
B courses although some also offer Series A. Many classes are
in-person and are free or low-cost.
sbdc colleges.jpg
All contractors  now get CCB Series A continuing education credit for
these courses!​
Colleges/trade schools and small business development centers​
offer many courses (Excel, QuickBooks, business management, social
media, etc.)  that can help you develop and grow your business.
Often, these are live classes in your area. Many are Series A.