Government agencies

  • The CCB awards continuing education credit for courses offered by U.S. government agencies (state, federal and local) even though these courses may not be listed in the Coures Catalog. The courses must:

    • Be at least an hour in length.
    • Pertain to the business or trade aspects of your contracting work.
    • Provide you with a course completion certificate that shows the length of the course and the date of completion.

Where do I send course completion certificates?

Where can I find free Oregon OSHA safety courses? 

  • Find Oregon OSHA courses in the "Safety​" section of this catalog.

What kind of agency classes are available?

  • The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries offers a range of classes covering employment law. Those courses are listed below. Other  agencies offer courses that count for credit but aren't listed in this catalog.  Call the CCB if you have questions: 503-934-2227.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries​ ​ ​(BOLI) ​ ​ ​

Live seminars


​A​gency name​ Course Hours ​​Cost
​​BOLI ​New Supervisor Training ​15 (6 classes) ​$305
BOLI ​Leave Laws in Oregon ​10 (two-day training) $285
BOLI​ ​Employee Supervision ​10 (two-day training) ​$285
​BOLI ​Wage and Hour Laws ​6 ​$185
​BOLI ​Effective Supervisory Practices ​6 ​$185
​​​BOLI ​The Life of a Workers Comp Claim ​6 ​$185
​​​​BOLI ​Oregon Sick Time Update and New Laws (2017 Legislature) ​3 ​$75
BOLI ​Documentation, Discipline and Discharge ​2.5 ​$75
BOLI ​Workplace Drug and Alcohol Issues ​2.5 ​$75
BOLI Legal Hiring Practices 2.5 $75
BOLI ​Dealing with a Difficult Employee ​2.5 ​$75
BOLI ​Developing an Employee Handbook ​2.5 ​$75

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

ODOT Training and Certification, Construction Section



ADA Curb Ramp Contractor Certification

In November 2015, ODOT released a new ADA Ramp Inspection Form. This class focuses on the aspects of curb ramps that must be compliant to be accepted, and how ODOT will inspect the newly constructed curb ramps. The half day class (2 hours classroom/2 hours in the field) covers the inspection form, new contract requirements, the necessary tools, measurement guidance, and field training.

Starting January 2018, ODOT requires that any company bidding/constructing curb ramps on state highway projects be certified through this training for ADA Curb Ramps. 

Register online with iLearn but take courses "live" in classroom setting. 

503-986-3176 or ​​.  
​4 Free​