Submitting a Series A course for approval

You need ​the following documents:

Course syllabus with: 

  • Course description and learning objectives

  • The following statements:

    • Approved for (number of credit hours) in CCB Residential Continuing Education: Series A.

    • The name of the provider who is responsible for the content of this course.

    • Student and provider expectations or applicable requirements such as

      • Computer requirements

      • Class attendance

      • Completion and return of study logs

      • Length of time to complete class (if self-paced)

      • Instructor availability to answer questions and contact information

Written explanation detailing how and when the student receives the course syllabus.

Instructor(s) resume or biography: 

  • This must show that the instructor has four years of experience (teaching and/or working) in the subject area they are instructing in. Remember, an instructor includes persons:

    • Who develop, or help develop the curriculum 

    • Who present in a live format or

    • Who answer student questions.

Course outline that includes:

  • Detailed information about the section or chapter

  • Anticipated length of time the average student would spend on each section or chapter

Course materials. Three sets of student course materials. If web-based, a permanent user name and password (for three reviewers). Reviewers must be able to move around the course for a cursory review.

Certificate of Completion that includes:

  • Provider name

  • Provider number assigned by the agency

  • Course name

  • Course number assigned by the agency

  • Number of credit hours

  • Date of course completion

  • Student name

  • Name of contractor with which student is associated

  • Contractor CCB number​​​​​

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