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Procurement Improvement Project


In many ways, Oregon state government is a leader in the field of procurement; however, recent benchmarking has shown that the state has room for improvement in certain areas.

In 2013, the state hired Ikaso Consulting to review Oregon’s procurement processes and compare them to best practices and systems used by peer states and the private sector. Ikaso provided 22 recommendations for improvements that could increase efficiency, provide better oversight, maximize collaboration, reduce complexity and confusion, and increase transparency. All of these improvements will make it easier for agencies to get what they need, saving time and resources better spent elsewhere.

The Enterprise Leadership Team has selected the highest priority recommendations and bundled them into four discrete, yet related subprojects:
  1. Enterprise Standard Set of Procurement Templates, Forms and Checklists. This subproject will create a standard set of procurement documents to ensure consistency, increase efficiency and transparency, and limit turn around times for procurements. 
  2. Enterprise Procurement Risk Alignment. Not all procurements present the same risks; this subproject will create clear, effective guidelines and utilize agency experts to determine the risks involved in procurements, increasing process efficiency and better aligning risk-related requirements to actual levels of risk.
  3. Multi-Agency Price Agreement Delegation. This subproject will identify opportunities to pilot a multi-agency price agreement to promote cross-agency collaboration and coordination, determine the benefits of such agreements, and improve the process for delegating authority to agencies for cooperative procurements. 
  4. Procurement Policy and Procedure Manual. This subproject will develop a website that will act as the framework for an electronically accessible, user-friendly, enterprise-wide procurement policy and procedure manual. This policy and procedure manual will be the central repository for information and materials relevant to the procurement process for state agencies. 

Upon completion of these subprojects, the Enterprise Leadership Team will consider initiating additional subprojects based on the remaining recommendations from Ikaso Consulting. 


For more information on this project, please contact Robert Underwood, Project Manager, Department of Administrative Services, 503-378-4037.


Project Documents (pdf)

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Procurement Project GovernanceThe people and teams involved in the Procurement Improvement project8/6/2015 8:34 AM
Procurement Project One PagerOne page overview of the procurement projects8/6/2015 8:30 AM
Charter Procurement ManualCharter for a subproject, Procurement Manual11/28/2014 2:52 PM
Charter Procurement Risk AlignmentCharter for a subproject, Enterprise Procurement Risk Alignment2/4/2014 3:59 PM
Charter Procurement TemplatesCharter for a subproject, Enterprise Standard Set of Procurement Templates, Forms and Checklists2/4/2014 3:59 PM
Charter Procurement Price Agreement DelegationCharter for a subproject, Multi-Agency Price Agreement Delegation2/4/2014 3:59 PM