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The Governor’s new outcomes-based budget process ends the practice of prioritizing spending by agency and institutes a process of prioritizing programs for available funding because they deliver results, regardless of which agency delivers the service.
It is the Governor’s responsibility to recommend a balanced budget to the Legislature – Program Funding Teams served as advisors to the Governor in the preparation of his budget.
Program Funding Teams were formed for each outcome area in the strategic framework of the 10-Year Plan. Characteristics of the teams included:
·       Citizen volunteers were selected by the Governor for their leadership, experience and
      general familiarity with Oregon.
·       Members represented the geographic and cultural diversity of Oregon, bringing fresh
      voices and perspectives to inform the Governor’s process to create a focused
      outcome-based budget.
Teams assisted the Governor in assessing funding priorities for state government by applying personal knowledge and experience.

  Program Funding Team Members: 

Duncan Wyse
Dan Jamison
Julia Meier
Daniel Rives
Pam Curtis
Policy Advisor:
Ben Cannon 503-378-5690
Healthy Environment
Bobby Brunoe
Hal Salwasser
Lane Shetterly
Andrea Durbin
Jan Neuman
Policy Advisor:
Richard Whitman 503-378-5145
Healthy People
Eric Parsons
Richard Harris
Tammy Baney
Norwood Knight Richardson
Chris DeMars
Policy Advisors:
Mike Bonetto 503-373-1558
Sean Kolmer 503-798-2208
Carla Piluso
Cyreena Boston
Johnell Bell
Tim McLain
Hilary Saraceno
Policy Advisor:
Cameron Smith 503-986-6531
Jobs and Innovation
Bob Levy
Frank Foti
Jessica Gomez
Rukiyah Adams
Tony Hyde
Jim Kelly
Policy Advisor:
Scott Nelson 503-378-3132 
Improving Government
Michael Jordan
Patrick Allen
Barry Pack
Doug Decker
Margaret Van Vliet
Kris Kautz
Jim Scherzinger
Debbie Colbert
Tami Dohrman


All state programs, regardless of agency, were mapped to the outcome area with which the program has the greatest affinity. For a complete list of agencies by program area click here. Program Funding Teams considered each program and made recommendations to the Governor about appropriate funding levels given resources available in the outcome area.
The 2013-2015 Governor‘s Balanced Budget has been delivered for legislative consideration with recommendations tied to specific outcomes. 
Click here to see a copy of the 2013-2015 Governor’s Balanced Budget.