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Enterprise Learning Management System
What is iLearnOregon?

iLearnOregon is a Learning Management System (LMS). An LMS is a dynamic online learning and knowledge management system that integrates general learning management functions (course catalog, registration, enrollments, transcripts and administration) as well as advanced tools such as, certification/license tracking, individual development plans, skill surveys and performance evaluations.  iLearnOregon is available to all state agencies, boards and commissions and agency partners (cities/counties/general public)
At its most fundamental level, iLearnOregon serves three purposes:
  • Compliance: Through a robust reporting tool, helps to mitigate risk to meet regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Cost savings: Reduces the cost burden of learning and development activities, up to 80% in some cases.
  • Value creation: Grows critical job-related skills and capabilities to enhance workforce value and adapt workforce capabilities to meet changing agency needs.
What kind of value does iLearnOregon create?

  • Deliver measurable agency results: Impact operational measures (KPMs) with targeted skill-based learning.  Doing this, the LMS links individual employee skills and behaviors to the agency’s KPMs - clearly showing how employees contribute to the success of the agency.     
  • Deliver the “right” training: Leverage technology to help identify skill-based needs at the employee and agency level.  This reduces learning waste and information overload by focusing training on only those skills needed to improve job performance.
  • Enable better decisions/increase productivity: Improve employee effectiveness by equipping them with the knowledge they need to operate at peak performance levels.
  • Just-in-time, just what’s needed: Provide employees with targeted skill-based learning, - just what they need to know—not more, not less—at the point of demand, where training is accessible to the employee at any time and anywhere.
  • Actionable workforce management: Position learning as a tool that adapts the workforce  to a dynamic emerging workforce demand.

What are agencies saying about iLearnOregon?
Here is how iLearnOregon has added value at some of our participating agencies. If you would like to read more, including actual monetary savings and agency testimonials, please read our iLearnOregon Talking Points (pdf).
The Dept of Corrections has fundamentally changed how compliance training is managed and delivered.
The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) has approximately 4800 staff members, all of whom are required by law or policy to receive some amount of training.    Recordkeeping, sustainable data integrity and accuracy along with reliable availability of records are provided by iLearnOregon and are necessary to reduce employer liability.  In addition, the use if iLearnOregon is important to the delivery and tracking of the BCC (Basic Corrections Course) as mandated by the legislation.   Finally, iLearnOregon offers functionality in securing data from unauthorized users, preventing data manipulation.
Scott Brewen, DOC – Professional Development Unit Administrator
Through iLearnOregon, Parks eliminated the need to support statewide class instruction after implementing an on-line SPOTS card training, saving approximately $21,000 in its first year.
OPRD strongly supports the iLearnOregon Learning Management System (LMS).  One of the most significant features is the capability to load and document training with on-line training modules.  We have over 70 Safety Modules our rangers may need to take, depending on where they work and the equipment they use.  The LMS allows us provide up to the minute training, to document who takes the training, and who passes the competency tests. 
Yesterday my trainer got a note that our safety modules on Lift Trucks needed to be changed.  In 30 minutes he updated the module, loaded it in iLearnOregon, and every employee now has the most current module.  We do not send out emails, or new paper copies, and the parks will not have to update 3 ring binders, etc.  This is a significant benefit for the safety of our staff and for cost savings.  Since a ranger recently lost part of a finger with one of these trucks, this capability has far reaching impacts.
Tim Wood, Director, OPRD
Through iLearnOregon, the State Fire Marshal is now implementing on-line code enforcement training to all state fire district personnel, significantly improving the quality of training while dramatically reducing traditional training costs.
Governor Kulongoski highly promotes governmental streamlining. The iLearnOregon program has allowed us to streamline our office procedures. We will also be developing an online test for fireworks display operators for the same reasons: increasing efficiency and saving money for our office and the industries we regulate.
Randy Simpson, Oregon State Police, Office of State Fire Marshal

History of the iLearnOregon
In August 2004, the State of Oregon awarded a statewide price agreement for a Learning Management System (LMS).  Department of Human Services (DHS) was the first state agency to purchase and implement the LMS. 
DAS – Human Resource Service Division (HRSD) was able to purchase an enterprise license in order to implement the system statewide.  The enterprise license will allow each state agency to create a uniquely branded iLearnOregon site while still sharing the consolidated database. 
The purpose of this project is for DAS – HRSD to facilitate the iLearnOregon implementation all state agencies.  The implementation is planned and executed in such a way as to ensure this product will fulfill its expected role as a key tool used to support the state of Oregon’s training and workforce development efforts.
Initial features include:
  • On-line course catalog
  • Student registration system
  • Course enrollment and wait listing
  • Classroom scheduling
  • Enrollments, transcripts and certification management
  • Course Evaluations
  • Reporting
Advanced features include:
  • Individual Development Plans – enabling users to map their personal development to help them get to the next level.
  • On-line collaboration tools (virtual communities of practice).
  • Skill gap analysis (evaluating skill levels based on specific content areas).
  • Performance evaluations

So, what does this mean to you?
As an employee, you can efficiently manage your professional development by:
  • Accessing/completing a robust on-line course catalog. 
  • Registering for and tracking your enrollments in any of the catalog courses.
  • Receiving real-time class notifications (registration confirmation, and reminder emails).
  • Having immediate access to your transcript (completed courses).
  • Tracking your certifications/licenses
  • Taking your transcript with you if you move to another agency. 
As a manager, you can:
  • Obtain reports on course enrollments, certifications and transcripts to create targeted individual development plans – supporting your employee’s professional growth.  
  • Track training expenditures in the current biennium and more accurately budget for the future biennium.
Sound exciting? We think so!  Do not hesitate, register for the electronic mailing list, make this page a favorite, and jump on board with us as we work toward making iLearnOregon the nerve center for all state employees' professional development needs. 

Electronic Communications
ELMS Electronic Mailing List - is a mailing list for communications to state agency personnel who are interested in being updated on the progress of iLearnOregon.    

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