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Employee Orientation
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A critical part of the hiring process is the employee’s orientation to the State of Oregon, the agency and the worksite. The following information can be used as a guide for agency Human Resources (HR) in developing their agency’s employee orientation.
Planning for a new employee, preparing and presenting information to an employee are a critical part of the hiring process. The orientation establishes expectations and sets the foundation for the work that the employee is hired to do. Equally important is helping the new employee feel welcome at the worksite.
When planning the employee orientation, remember the deadlines involved for documentation, such as completing the I-9 Employment Verification within three business days of hire. The agency also needs to allow the employee time to use a computer with internet access. Much of the orientation information is web based, allowing an employee with a work computer to complete certain documents or access information on line. The employee may need computer access later, to select their Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) plan options.
In the event an employee’s work location makes it difficult to provide internet access, the agency  makes copies of the orientation materials to provide to the employee.
The orientation is divided into three parts: preparation, presentation and filing. 
Preparation: Proper introduction to the agency and its work creates a positive impression. Planning the orientation in advance helps the orientation go smoothly and the new employee feel welcome. 

Presentation: The orientation materials are presented in different formats: face-to-face with the supervisor or Human Resources, reading materials about the agency and completing forms. The employee needs computer access for any web-based information or documentation. 

Filing: When the orientation is complete, documents need to be filed appropriately. Know where to file documents and when to make copies. Provide the employee a copy of the signed orientation. Provide copies of other documents at the employee’s request. 

Statewide Online New Employee Orientation Training
A statewide online new employee orientation curriculum was developed to welcome all new employees to state service and to provide them with general information about state government, working in state government, and key statewide policies that may affect them during state employment. The curriculum consists of two main modules with additional modules for policy review. At a high level, the content covers the following topics:
  • The three branches of government;
  • How a bill becomes a law;
  • The law structure in Oregon;
  • Overview of the budgeting process; and
  • An overview of the four categories of service in state government; collective bargaining agreements; trial service; payday; leave; health benefits; training; retirement; and the employee assistance program.
The curriculum is available in iLearnOregon at DAS - CHRO New Employee Orientation Curriculum

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