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Resources, Handouts and Presentations

August 21, 2008Legislative Leadership Medians of Comparator States (pdf)
Nat'l Conference of State Legislatures' Comparison (pdf)
August 20, 2008Updated Judicial Salary Comparison (pdf)
Oregon Wage Data (pdf)
Washington State Legislative Salary Report (pdf)
Legislative Interim Expense Allowance Data (pdf)
Legislative Total Compensation Comparators (pdf)
2007 Representative Summary of Salary and Expenses (pdf)
August 7, 20082008 Legislator Health Benefit Compensation Comparison (pdf)
2008 House/Assembly Leader Additional Compensation Comparison (pdf)
2008 Senate Leader Additional Compensation Comparison (pdf)
2008 Legislator Salary and Per Diem Comparison (pdf)
Legislative Compensation for Regular Sessions Comparison (pdf)
Legislative Salary Short History (pdf)
Legislative Administration Per Diem and Expense Data (pdf)
Oregon Judiciary Overview by League of Women Voters Part 1 (pdf)
Oregon Judiciary Overview by League of Women Voters Part 2 (pdf)
National Conference of State Legislators Catagories
POCC Progress Report (pdf)
August 6, 2008 Oregon Supreme Court Testimony (pdf)
Oregon Tax Court Testimony (pdf)
Oregon Court of Appeals Testimony (pdf)
Oregon Circuit Court Testimony (pdf)
Executive Branch Total Compensation Comparators (pdf)
Supreme Court Chief Justice Comparators (pdf)
National Judicial Salary Comparison (pdf)
13 Western States Judicial Salary Comparison (pdf)
Oregon Judge Retirement Age Data (pdf)
July 24, 2008Governor's Responsabilities (doc)
Commissioner of Labor Testimony (pdf)
Attorney General's Presentation (doc)
July 23, 2008 Executive Branch Salary History (xls)
Executive Branch Salary History 2 (xls)
Comparator Insurance Retirement Rates (xls)
Article by the Nat'l Assoc. of State Treasurers (pdf)
Oregon State Treasurer Overview (pdf)
Oregon State Treasurer, site visit (pdf)
State Treasurer's Supplemental Data Sheet (pdf)
State Treasurer's Comparable Duties (xls)
Secretary of State Comparable Duties (xls) 
Superintendant Responsabilities (doc)
Superintendant Presentation (ppt)
July 10, 2008Compensation (ppt) 
July 9, 2008POCC Timeline (doc)   The Executive Branch (ppt)
A Blueprint for a 21st Century Legislature (pdf) 
Senate E-mail Traffic Summary (doc)
Per Diem and Mileage Sheet (xls) 
Oregon Courts Today and Tomorrow (pdf) 
State of the Judiciary Speech (pdf) 
State Budget (ppt)
Please contact Oregon POCC for more information, (503) 378-6303

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Resources, Handouts and Presentations

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