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These polygons were developed in order to spatially reference source areas that supply drinking water to groundwater wells or springs for Public Water Systems (PWSs) within the state of Oregon. Source water assessments were completed for these PWS's in accordance with the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act and Oregon's 1999 Source Water Assessment Plan. The original list of PWSs was generated in 1999, however additional PWSs will be added in the future. PWSs whose status changed to community or non-transient non-community since the 1999 list was generated may not be included or may be added as updates are performed; PWSs that have become inactive may be deleted. These source areas are to be used in conjunction with the locations of potential contaminant source threats as well as mapped sensitive areas to provide an overall picture of the susceptibility of the drinking water system.


This layer includes Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Drinking Water Program Source Water Assessment drinking water source area results for community (C), non-transient non-community (NTNC), transient non-community (TNC), and some state-regulated (SP) public water systems (PWS) for groundwater public water systems that were active in June 1999 (when Oregon's Source Water Assessment Plan was approved by EPA). Data is updated and modified as needed.

Most original groundwater well, infiltration gallery, and spring drinking water source areas were established by the Oregon Health Authority ((OHA); formerly OR Dept. of Human Service), Drinking Water Program-Springfield Office under the direction of the Drinking Water Protection Groundwater Coordinator. Data includes "community", "nontransient noncommunity", and "transient noncommunity" public water supply sources. Limited "state-regulated" sources are also included. The combined GIS spatial data file of all wells, infiltration galleries, and springs was developed by Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality/Water Quality Division/Drinking Water Protection.

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