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Theme: Boundaries, Urban growth boundaries, Zoning
Place: Oregon

This theme delineates Urban Growth Boundaries (UGBs) in the state of Oregon. Oregon land use laws limit development outside of urban growth boundaries.  The line work was created by various sources including the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD), the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Metro Regional Council of Governments (Metro), county and city GIS departments, and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services - Geospatial Enterprise Office (DAS-GEO).

The theme was created to delineate UGBs and document amendments to these boundaries since their original designations.  As of September 2008 DLCD has taken over maintaining the data so a process was established obtaining data on the UGB Coverage layer for the state. To obtain as much precise data as possible to digitize the boundary layer for accuracy statewide, every city/metro UGB was assessed and updated based on DLCD, county and city records.

Under the Oregon Geographic Information Council, the Framework Implementation Team has delegated the development of an Administrative Boundaries Implementation Plan and an Administrative Boundary Data Content Standard. The Administrative Boundaries Framework is a collection of prioritized, spatially referenced digital representation of broadly defined feature sets for Oregon; of which one was identified as UGBs with a Very High priority and DLCD tasked as being the steward of the data.

This feature set will be detailed in the Oregon Framework database posted on the website maintained by the Geospatial Enterprise Office and updated annually.

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Technical and Operation Context
The data environment is a vector model, comprised of area (polygons) and boundaries (lines) and spatial and maintenance relationships between areas. The exchange medium for administrative boundary data files is the ESRI shapefile, which is a public domain data structure relating feature geometry and feature attributes.


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