2014 Oregon NASCIO Award Nominees 


1. Project Title:  Oregon Interoperability Service (OIS) Project

*National Award Recipient: 1st Place - Cross Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships

         Executive Sponsor: Kurtis Danka, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Project Managers: 
     Darrell Landrum, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
     Matt Badzinski, ODOT Information Systems Branch (ISB)
*National Award Recipient: 1st Place - Open Government Initiatives
        Executive Sponsor: Alex Pettit, State Chief Information Officer
              Sean McSpaden, Former Deputy State Chief Information Officer
                                          Oregon LFO - Principal Legislative IT Analyst
              Wally Rogers, Enterprise Technology Services (ETS),
                                     Service Delivery & E-Government Manager
        Project Manager: Gene Newton, Office of the State CIO, IT Policy & Planning Analyst

3.  Project Title:  Oregon Employer Portal Project
                             Oregon Department of Justice, Division of Child Support
*National Award Finalist: Digital Government: Government to Business (G to B)
            Executive Sponsor: Kate Richardson, Child Support Program Director
            Co-Sponsor: Lorring King, DOJ Chief Information Officer
            Product Owners & Project Managers:                     
                          Dale Slater, Former Project Business Lead & Product Owner
                          Cliff Roper, Former Project Manager
                          Doug Hall, Current Project Business Lead & Product Owner
                          Leif Anderson, Current Project Manager

4.  Project Title:  Oregon-Montana Disaster Recovery - Phase 1
                             DAS/Enterprise Technology Services (ETS)
*National Award Finalist: Cyber Security 
         Executive Sponsor: Bryan Nealy, Engineering Manager       
         Co-Sponsor: David Komanecky, TAM Manager
          Project Manager: Gerold Floyd, Disaster Recovery Program Manager

5.  Project Title: Oregon Road Usage Charge Program
                            Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) 
         Executive Sponsor: Kurtis Danka, ODOT Chief Information Officer   
         Project Managers: 
                      Jim Whitty, Innovative Partnership & Alternative Funding Manager
                      Chuck Larsen, Information Systems Branch - Program Coordinator

6.  Project Title: OPERS Aging Legacy IT System:
                                       Metamorphosis to Modern Technologies
                            Public Employees Retirement System
          Executive Sponsor: Jordan Masanga, Chief Information Officer