2013 Oregon State CIO Awards


Gold Award

Project Title
Oregon’s Business Xpress

Peter Threlkel, SoS – Director of Corporation Division
Project Managers:
Dave Whitbeck, Project Manager - Business Portal
Collaborating Agencies:
            Bureau of Labor and Industries
            Business Oregon
            Department of Administrative Services
            Department of Agriculture
            Department of Consumer and Business Services
            Department of Revenue
            Department of Transportation
            Employment Department
                                                  Dave Whitbeck
Silver Award
Project TitleOregon TripCheck TV
Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Galen McGill, Manager of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Project Managers:
Darrell Landrum, Project Manager
                      Glen Hammer, (ATIS) Program Manager  
                          Darrell Landrum and Virginia Ellwanger
Bronze Awards

In 2013, two (2) projects tied for the Bronze Award. Both are honored and acknowledged below.

Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Dale Horman, Chief of Staff
Project Managers:
                        Jim Whitty, Innovative Partnership & Alternative Funding, Manager
                        Chuck Larsen, Information Systems Branch, Program Coordinator
                        Lynn Averbeck, Innovative Partnerships/Alternative Funding Exec. 

               Lynn Averbeck, Virginia Ellwanger, and Chuck Larsen
Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Cathy Nelson, Chief Eng. Highway Div., Tech. Services Manager
Project Manager:
Terry Jones, Project Manager – Highway Division
Team Members:                 
Ryan Johnson, ODOT Sr. GIS Analyst
Shawn Freilinger, Tech. Archit & Standards Prog. Coord. 

                  Terry Jones, Virginia Ellwanger, and Shawn Freilinger