2012 Oregon NASCIO Award Nominees  
1.  Project TitleOSP – Mobility + E-Ticketing 
*National Award Finalist: Cross Boundary Collaboration & Partnerships

        OSP Executive Sponsor:
                        Albert Gauthier, OSP Chief Information Officer
                        Tom Worthy, OSP Acting Captain
                        Jim Conlin, OJD Deputy CIO
                        Steve Vitolo, ODOT Law Enforcement Program Manager  

        Project Manager:
                       Julie Jellison, OSP Sr. IT Analyst

2.  Project Title: ORSTATS
                        Oregon Stimulus Transparency & Accountability Tracking System 
*National Award Finalist: Open Government Initiatives

                        Sean McSpaden, Deputy State Chief Information Office
                        Gerald Floyd, Director of Recovery Act Management
         Project Managers:
                        Cy Smith, Oregon Geographic Information Officer
                        Phil Harpster, IT Planning and Policy Analyst
         Team Members:
                       Michael Williams, DAS/CIO/ERET
                       Greg Goodenough, DAS/CIO/ERET
                       Renee Klien, DAS/CIO/ERET
                       Erik Endrulat, DAS/CIO/GEO
                       Ed Arabas, DAS/CIO/ITIP
                        Dept. of Administrative Services
                        Enterprise Information Strategy & Policy Division
                        Economic Recovery Executive Team
                        Geospatial Enterprise Office
                        IT Investment and Planning
3. Project Title: (ORCA) Open Record Control Application 
Terry O'Connell, LEDS Director
Patricia Whitfield, ID Services Director
Kathy Cea, ID Services Manager
        Project Manager:
Jeff Burhans, Database Engineer
       Team Members:
Anne Thompson
Anne Dooley
Elesah Gerdes
Mia Mclure
Laurie Riesterer
Alla Shevchenko
Kim Sutherland
Mary Lou Shepherd
Linda King
4. Project TitleOSUMEETME.VC
                        Voice, Video & Virtual Collaborative Conferencing Services

                        Sean McSpaden, Deputy State CIO

         Team Members:
                     Derek Abrams, Manager OSU Managed Communication Services
Theme Grenz, Oregon DAS
Nick Betsacon, Oregon DAS
Staff, OSU Communications Team
DAS, Tech. Support Center
DAS, Chief Information Office
DAS, Operations Division
DAS, State Data Center
DAS, State Procurement Office
5. Project TitleE-Mail as a Service
                        Sean McSpaden, Deputy State CIO                       

         Project Manager:
                        Phil Harpster, IT Planning & Policy Analyst
         Team Members:
                        Various State Agencies
6. Project TitleOregon State Treasury Bond Tracker
                       Laura Lockwood-McCall, Director – Dept Management Division

         Project Manager:
                       Alice Bibler, Debt Program Manager
         Program Coordinator:
                       Jennifer Bingham, Debt Program Coordinator
         Oregon Legislative Representative:
Representative Nancy Nathanson

         Treasury Project Participants:
                     Project Oversight Team
Project Team
Debt Management Team
         Other Project Participants:
Oregon Dept. of Justice
Various Agencies, Cities, & Groups
DevMecca Programmers
7. Project Title:  Centralized Public Meeting Notices Project 
        Executive Sponsor:
                        Dugan Petty, State Chief Information Officer

                        Sean McSpaden, Deputy State Chief Information Officer
                        Wally Rogers, Oregon E-Government Program Manager
        Project Manager
Gene Newton, IT Policy & Planning Analyst