2013 Oregon NASCIO Award Nominees  

*National Award Finalist: NASCIO State CIO’s Office/Special Recognition

            Project Sponsors:
                        Theresa A. Masse, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Oregon
                        The Oregon FTI – Joint Agency Committee
                       Julie Anderson, DOR
                       Richard Rylander, DOJ 
 Jana Hart, DAS/SPO
 Tracy Ringering, DOR
 Steve Schafer, DAS/ETS
 Al Lake, DHS
 Digby Morrow, DHS
 Annalise Famiglietti, DOR 
 Dave Lyda, OHA/DHS
 Herman Davis, DOR
 Norman Walters, DOJ
 Sahun Gatherum, DAS/ESO
 Tim Marshall, DAS/ETS 
Back Row (left to right):  Richard Rylander, Steve Schafer, Al Lake
Front Row (left to right):  Tracy Ringering, Jana Hart, Annalise Famiglietti  
2.  Project Title: Oregon’s Business Xpress
Peter Threlkel, SoS – Director of Corporation Division
Project Managers:
Dave Whitbeck, Project Manager - Business Portal
Collaborating Agencies:
                      Bureau of Labor and Industries

                      Business Oregon

                      Department of Administrative Services

                      Department of Agriculture

                      Department of Consumer and Business Services

                      Department of Revenue

                      Department of Transportation

                      Employment Department

            Terry O'Connell, LEDS Director
            Patricia Whitfield, ID Services Director
            Project Manager:
                        Jeff Burhans, Systems Analyst
            Team Members:
                        Linda King
                        Anne Dooley
                        Dana Stuart
                        Alla Shevchenko
                        Kim Sutherland
                        Mary Lou Shepherd
                        Angie Patterson
                        Jeff Marecic, PERS Chief Information Officer 

5. Project Title
Oregon TripCheck TV
Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Galen McGill, Manager of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Project Managers:
Darrell Landrum, Project Manager
Glen Hammer, (ATIS) Program Manager
Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Dale Horman, Chief of Staff
Project Managers:
                        Jim Whitty, Innovative Partnership & Alternative Funding, Manager
                        Chuck Larsen, Information Systems Branch, Program Coordinator
                        Lynn Averbeck, Innovative Partnerships/Alternative Funding Exec.
7. Project Title:  Oregon Online Project Tracking Map
Virginia Ellwanger, ODOT Chief Information Officer
Cathy Nelson, Chief Eng. Highway Div., Tech. Services Manager
Project Manager:
Terry Jones, Project Manager – Highway Division
Team Members:                   
Ryan Johnson, ODOT Sr. GIS Analyst
Shawn Freilinger, Tech. Archit. & Standards Prog.Coord.
(Wireless Watchdogs Project)
                        Sean McSpaden, Deputy State Chief Information Officer
Project Manager:
                        Phil Harpster, IT Planning and Policy Analyst
Team Members:                   
                        Shawn Wagoner
                        Rena Sawyer
                        Shawn Waite