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Enterprise IT Contracts/Price Agreements
Over the past several years, the Department of Administrative Services (State Procurement Office, Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy Division, State Data Center), Department of Justice, and various state agencies have partnered to put multiple Statewide IT Contracts and Price Agreements in place.  Most of these agreements can be accessed by state agencies and local government entities (Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program members).  A brief listing of those agreements and contracts and point of contact information for each are provided below:


When you need PCs, Notebooks, or Printers, you have several choices available to you.  They are:
#9757 CTL
#9758 Dell
#9759 Lenovo
#9760 HP
Netbooks (Small Notebook Computers) are used for a variety of reasons and there are different suppliers depending on usaage. 
For cell phone replacements (requires a phone plan), you may use these suppliers:
#7557 Sprint Nextel
#7581 AT&T Wireless
#7552 Verizon Wireless
For use as an easily portable (outright purchase):
#9757 Computer Technology Link (CTL)
#9758 Dell Computer
#9760 Hewlett Packard
Storage Products include the technology and equipment used for storage of large amounts of data or information.  This includes technologies such as: Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN).  Storage Products are available from:
#9768 EMC
#9797 NetApp

Price Agreements for specific titles:
#8642 Novell
#1980 Oracle
#9973 EMC (Electronic Records Management)
For various other specific titles including: IBM/Lotus, Microsoft, Visio, Corel, Symantec, Attachmate, Veritas, Seagate, Computer Associates, Network Associates, Metasaver, Adobe, Citrix, Crystal Decisions, Filemaker Pro use:
#9709 Dell (ASAP)
For various Shrink Wrap packages use:
#9711 Dell (ASAP)

IT Quality Assurance Services
IT Quality Assurance Services may be procured through price agreements with eleven (11) contractors with whom authorized purchasers may execute Work Order Contracts to acquire diverse Information Technology (IT) Quality Assurance (QA) and related professional services for review oversight and risk management ("QA Services").  Selection is based on an intelligent rotation process.  Details are located at:
#9920  CSG
#9921 Case Associates
#9922 Fox
#9923 Gartner
#9924 Hittner and Associates
#9925 KPMG
#9926 Maximus
#9927 MTG
#9928 SysTest Labs
#9929 Technisource
#3320 Public Knowlege

IT Managed Service Provider
IT Managed Service Provider is a price agreement where State Agencies and ORCPP members can obtain IT Professional Services for hourly opportunities or deliverables base projects.  There are 23 defined skills sets with set bill rates.  Contact the MSP (nextSource) directly at (503) 783-0240 for more information or to initiate a requisition.
#5488 nextSource, Inc.

Computer Maintenance
#8893 Cascade Computer Maintenance
This price agreement offers maintenance services for desktop computer equipment (PCs, monitors, laptops, printers, multi-function devices).
There are three services models available:
  • Contracted Maintenance Service
  • Time and Materials Maintenance Service
  • Preventative Maintenance Service

Peripherals are any product that can be attached to, added within, or networked with personal computers or servers, including but not limited to storage, printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards, projectors, uninterruptible power supplies, and accessories.
Peripherals are available from these price agreements:
#4140  CDW - G (until June 30, 2010)
#4141 Disys (until June 30, 2010)
#9760 HP (Fulfillment Agent will be CDW-G)
#9758 Dell

AT&T Long Distance and Related Services
AT&T Long Distance and Related Services (PA 4121)
  • Audio, video and Web conferencing services available for purchase by state and local government users

iLinc Web Conferencing
The Oregon State Procurement Office has entered into a Statewide Price Agreement (“PA”) with iLinc Communications, Inc., under which State and local government organizations ("Authorized Purchasers" or “AP”) can purchase Web Conferencing Software and Services.  iLinc is a well-documented leader in offering enterprise-class Web, video and audio conferencing software via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) rental model, or a traditional software purchase model with the option of hosting by iLinc or an on-premise installation. 
The company’s products possess all the general attributes expected in this market space, as well as certain very desirable proprietary features such as the patented “Green Meter.”  The Green Meter is an automatic calculator inside the iLinc Web conferencing software that tracks CO2, cost, and travel reductions accrued by meeting online rather than traveling.



USA.Net - Software as a Service (SaaS) Hosted Email
PA #0461 - USA.Net - Microsoft Exchange (SaaS) Hosted Email Services
For more information about available Enterprise IT Contracts/Price Agreements, please contact:
Office of the State CIO
Sean McSpaden, Deputy State Chief Information Officer
State Procurement Office - IT Team
Lena Ferris, Team Lead 503-378-3001
Ufemia Castenada, 503-378-4647
Denna Coleman 503-378-3529
Jana Hart 503-378-3900
James Moering 503-373-1577
Lori Nordlein 503-378-6781
Debbie Velasco 503-378-5395