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Statewide IT Policy 1.1
Gifts (including trials and evaluations)




This policy applies to acceptance of information technology goods or services offered at no cost.


Authority - ORS 279 & 291




A gift is a product or service provided for no cost. Example information technology gifts are:

  • A free perpetual license to use a software product (permanent transfer of ownership)
  • Borrow a computer system for a 30 day evaluation (temporary transfer of ownership)
  • Training provided for no charge (waiver of fee)

At times, an organization will offer State Government an information technology gift. An agency gets CIO approval to accept a gift by using the service level agreement process or the gift approval process. Normally an agency uses the gift approval process.


Delegated Authority Process: With an IRMD service level agreement, the agency self-approves acceptance of information technology gifts. To use this process, an agency must attain a service level agreement for the acquisition process. Refer to the acquisition policy (1.0) for more information.


Gift Approval Process: Without a service level agreement, an agency submits a gift proposal for CIO approval. Documents are sent through an assigned IRMD analyst. These requests must be reviewed and approved before acceptance of the gift.


Gift Proposal


A gift proposal describes benefits, acquisition fairness, and operational impact. The CIO considers the following issues during approval.


  • How does the gift support the Enterprise Information Technology Strategic plan?

Acquisition Fairness

  • If an evaluation or trial, what are the start and end dates for the evaluation? When and how will results be shared with other agencies and ITEC?
  • How did the agency avoid creating an acquisition bias to a particular provider?
  • Which products or services of other providers will be evaluated?
  • How and when was the public notified of the gift?
  • What action has been taken to ensure that future acquisitions will be competitive?
  • Please identify all endorsements of, or obligations to, the vendor?

Operational Impact

  • For a trial or evaluation, how will the agency avoid operational reliance upon the product or service subject to evaluation.
  • What extra operation or maintenance costs are incurred as a result of accepting the gift?

This table lists items that an agency submits when using the Gift Approval Process.

When the retail value of  ExceedsAgency provides items shown in this column of table.


The materials are provided to the assigned IRMD analyst.

To accept gift, agency needs  

Gift or gifts

 $50,000A gift proposal



Gift or gifts $25,000Approval of the Agency Information Systems ManagerNo CIO approval needed
Gifts from one vendor in one year $5,000Information Resource Request FormNo CIO approval needed
Single Gift


Information Resource Request FormNo CIO approval needed