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Statewide IT Policies, Appendix B
Sample Service Level Agreement
This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is between the (Agency), and the Information Resource Services Management Division (EISPD).

I.  Objective

The objective of this Agreement is to streamline the review process and encourage a stronger partnership with the (Agency).

  • Align the Agency´s Information Technology (IT) project(s) with the Statewide Enterprise Information Technology Strategy;
  • Create a partnering relationship between the Agency and the IRMD;
  • Maximize positive audit reports; and
  • Assure for the successful development of IT projects.

The purpose of this Agreement is to offer an alternate method, or waiver, from the current project review process by IRMD for technology acquisitions.  This waiver will allow IRMD to work as a collaborative member of the Agency´s business team, assisting unit managers to channel IT investments into business solutions that contribute value to the organization; provide a measurable return on investment; and are in keeping with the State´s Enterprise Strategy.
Through this Agreement, the Agency agrees that IRMD will participate upstream in the development of Agency business plans; collaborate with key managers on planned IT investments; and focus toward using technology as an enabler of business operations. Through this partnership, IRMD will more thoroughly understand the Agency´s decisions related to IT investments, and more ably provide assistance, review and oversight.

IRMD´s responsibility, assigned by ORS 291.038, directs, "The Department of Administrative Services shall have the review and oversight responsibility for insuring that agencies´ planning, acquisition and implementation activities support the statewide information resources management plan."  In order to comply with statute, the IRMD is choosing to grant an agency waiver from signature approval, if an increased level of partnership is attained.
Through the terms of this Agreement, the IRMD will grant the waiver for technology acquisition from current IRMD signature approval requirements.  However, all technology expenditures over $499,999 will continue to be subject to the current Quality Assurance (QA) requirements.


This Agreement shall become effective upon final signature of the parties, and shall remain in effect for a period of one year unless renewed or terminated.  Renewal may be accomplished through mutual agreement 30 days prior to expiration, and following a period of review.  At IRMD´s sole discretion, if it determines the Agency has violated the terms of this Agreement, this Agreement shall automatically terminate.  This Agreement may also be amended from time to time, as mutually agreed upon, following a brief period of review.


ORS 291.038 prescribes a coordinated approach to planning, acquiring, and using information and telecommunications technology. Further ORS 283.500 - 283.535 prescribe a coordinated approach to consolidating and operating telecommunications systems used by the State.

Department of Administrative Services Policy Number: 1.0, Policy and Standards, Information Resource Procurement requires that state agency information technology procurements be reviewed and approved by the Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy Division before acquisition or contracting.  Following signature, this Service Level Agreement will act as a waiver from the requirements of this Policy.


  • Agency agrees to adhere to the Legal Requisites noted in Section IV of this Agreement.
  • Agency agrees to partner with IRMD in the up-front planning, acquisition, installation and use of all information and telecommunications technology.
  • Agency agrees to have in its Business Plan and Supporting Technology Plan, documentation such as feasibility and cost/benefit analyses to reach the best business/technology decisions.
  • Agency agrees to conform with the "Accessibility" portion of policy 1.0 "Acquisition of Information and Related Technology".
  • Agency agrees to explore viable IT options to their business solutions.
  • IRMD agrees to actively participate in Agency business and IT planning processes, and provide IT project development and implementation assistance as requested.
  • IRMD agrees to provide information and direction on the requirements of the Statewide Enterprise IT Strategy.
  • IRMD agrees to provide information on statewide IT standards, as they relate to equipment/software selection and procurement.
  • IRMD agrees to use discretion in all matters of confidentiality.
  • IRMD agrees to proactively present project evaluations before decision-making bodies.
  • IRMD agrees to mediate/facilitate with other DAS departmental processes, e.g., Purchasing, Budget and Management, and the Department of Justice.
  • IRMD agree to participate on RFP evaluation committees, if requested.
Note: Complete listings of all statutes and DAS Rules mentioned in this agreement may be found at the DAS IRMD website.

This Agreement constitutes a waiver from all previous agreements, regarding the review and signature approval of agency IT acquisitions, and instead becomes an Agreement for an alternate method for conducting business.


This Service Level Agreement has been created with the primary goal of achieving a better understanding of state agencies business operational needs, and the information technology needed to support those needs.
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