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eBRP - Toolkit - historical page (Enterprise Level BCP and eBRP Resources were decommissioned in 2009.)
eBRP Toolkit - Description

NOTE: The Enterprise Level BCP and eBRP Resources were decommissioned in 2009 and no longer exist within the DAS/CIO Division.  The following is historical information.

The eBRP Toolkit is a web-based business continuity tool that is used by several Oregon agencies.  The following agencies currently use the eBRP Toolkit to track and organize business continuity information:  Dept. of Administrative Services; Dept. of Human Services; Dept. of Corrections; Dept. of Education; Dept. of Transportation; Dept. of Consumer and Business Services; State Police; Housing and Community Services; Dept. of Revenue; Dept. of Forestry; Veterans’ Affairs; and Employment Dept.
This software uses Internet Explorer with an unlimited user license. The toolkit is based on “Business Process Modeling,” and helps the user define and connect core organizational elements such as infrastructure, people, technology and business processes.  The toolkit has an integrated set of utilities for risk assessment, impact analysis, technology modeling and plan development.

The eBRP Toolkit was awarded the “2007 Continuity Software of the Year Award,” sponsored by Continuity and Risk Magazine in the U.K.

Current eBRP news
There are new testing procedures for testing upgrades to the eBRP Toolkit.  The Enterprise BCP program staff worked with the agencies using the toolkit to develop these procedures.  There are two newly-developed test procedures – one for eBRP users and the other for eBRP administrators.  Please contact the Enterprise BCP Program at 503-373-0872 to get information concerning these testing procedures.

State Price Agreement
July 2006, the State Procurement Office awarded Price Agreement 5267-PA to eBRP Solutions, Inc. to provide business continuity planning and disaster recovery software.   On September 21, 2006, the eBRP Implementation Project was started. The goal of this project was to ensure that the agencies that purchased the software understood its features and capabilities and knew how to use and operate the system.
This implementation project was completed in December 2007.  The agencies that purchased the eBRP Toolkit now have an automated system that helps them to maintain their business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
For more information about the eBRP Toolkit, contact the Enterprise BCP Program at 503-373-0872.  

BCP Software Tool - Purchase Decision
In 2006, an inter-agency BCP workgroup conducted a pilot project to explore the possible purchase of a BCP data collection tool for Oregon agencies.  The purpose of the project was to determine if having a common tool shared by several agencies was a feasible and effective approach to developing enterprise and agency business continuity plans.
The workgroup decided that such a shared software tool was the right approach for Oregon.  The following agencies participated in the pilot project:  Administrative Services; Consumer and Business Services; Corrections; Human Services; Revenue; and Treasury.
The workgroup evaluated the effectiveness of a tool using the following criteria:
  • Ease of use
  • Training requirements
  • Access controls and security
  • Functionality
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Resources required to implement and maintain
The workgroup also decided that any data collection tool that was purchased should:
  • Allow for management and coordination at both the agency and enterprise levels
  • Allow for real time planning and the determination of scenario impacts
  • Have the ability to identify and track internal and external dependencies
After a competitive request for proposals process, the state awarded a contract to eBRP Solutions.  Visit their website at http://www.ebrp.net