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Forms and Examples
These documents were created by the Enterprise BCP Program at DAS, and are intended to be used by agencies to write agency business continuity plans.

Guide to Developing a BCP
This is a recommended process for agencies to use when developing a business continuity plan.
Model BCP for State Agencies
Agencies can use this as a model when creating a business continuity plan.  This is an example of a completed plan for Oregon agencies, and was created by compiling information from several agencies into a single model.
Agency Critical Business Function (CBF) Worksheet
This worksheet should be used to identify an agency’s critical business functions.  The questions are designed to help agencies evaluate the criticality and recovery time objectives of each critical business function. 
Business Impact Analysis Questionnaire
This questionnaire includes the forms to fill out when conducting a business impact analysis.  If you are following the “Guide to Developing a BCP,” that guide explains when and how to develop this analysis.
Guide to Testing a BCP 
This report provides different techniques for testing your BCP, from table-top exercises to full simulations.
An Introduction to BCP for Small Agencies and Boards This PowerPoint presentation is designed to give small agencies and boards an introduction to Business Continuity.
These documents were created by other divisions at DAS, and may be useful to agencies when developing agency business continuity plans.

DAS Facilities Office Space Request Form This fillable PDF form may be used to request office space from DAS Facilities in emergent, and non-emergent situations.  The form will help to estimate your office space and equipment needs. 
State Data Center Disaster Recovery Data Collection FormThis excel spreadsheet allows agencies to document their network and computing needs to submit to the State Data Center. 

Other Agencies
These business continuity plans and related documents were developed by Oregon agencies.  You will find examples of plans, feasibility studies, needs assessments, project charters, timeline Gant charts, and other resource documents.  The business continuity plan is the only product that is required of agencies, but these other documents can help to define and manage the BCP process.

Link to Specific Documents
Department of Corrections
DOC business case – June 2007
Explains why DOC needs a business continuity plan.  States that goal of BCP is to identify advanced procedures that will enable ODOC to respond to an event.
DOC feasibility study – July 2007
Describes the costs and benefits of developing a BCP for DOC.  Lists general costs of hiring a project manager to manage BCP process.
DOC needs assessment – May 2007
Describes current structure and circumstances of DOC and explains why it is important for agency to develop a business continuity plan.
DOC project charter – July 2007
Discusses the policy that requires agencies to develop a BCP.  Describes the phases that DOC will use to develop its BCP.
Department of Education
ODE BCP overview presentation – May 2008
Presentation that BCP Coordinator gave to key staff throughout agency to describe BCP process.  (PowerPoint)
ODE business impact analysis – June 2008
Business impact analysis that identifies the operational and financial impacts that may result from a disruption of ODE business operations.  A BIA measures the effect of resource losses over time, and provides data upon which to base decisions on mitigation and recovery.
ODE eBRP Toolkit forms – June 2008
ODE uses the eBRP Toolkit to catalog and track business continuity information.  This is the form that the BCP Coordinator provides to staff to collect information to be entered into the eBRP Toolkit.
ODE critical business functions (CBF) worksheet – June 2008
DAS critical business functions worksheet, as presented to ODE staff
Department of Environmental Quality
Business Continuity Plan, August 2008
Example of a business continuity plan using a template that addresses critical business functions in appendices.
BCP Communication Appendix
An example critical business function appendix for the critical business function of “External Communication”
Judicial Department
Tabletop Scenario Outline, August 2008
This document outlines a tabletop scenario used by the Judicial Dept. in August 2008.
Business Unit Needs Questionnaire, 2003
A Business Impact Analysis support document, this simple, one-page questionnaire helps identify the necessary resources for a single business unit.
Business Continuity Management Program Overview, June 2008
This overview outlines the progress and infrastructure of the Lottery’s BCP Program.
Marine BoardBusiness Continuity Plan, Draft October 2008 This is a draft business continuity plan from the Oregon State Marine Board, as of October 2008.
Medical Board
Recovery Steps
This document lists the recovery steps for the restoration of Administrative Services.
Critical Business Function Matrix
This matrix details critical business functions, recovery steps and recovery time objectives.
OregonHealth Licensing Boards
OHLA business continuity plan – Jan 2007
Example of a business continuity plan for a small board.
Parks Department
Parks business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan – Nov 2007
Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan for the “Reservations Northwest” call center in Portland.
Board of Pharmacy
Business Continuity Plan, August 2008
An example business continuity plan for a small board.
Department of Revenue
Revenue business continuity plan – recovery steps
Plan that describes steps to take to respond to and recover from any unplanned business interruption.  The plan details exactly what different teams will need to do.
Revenue presentation on BCP process – April 2008
Presentation that provides tips on process that Dept. of Revenue used to develop a business continuity plan.  (PowerPoint)
Revenue functional flow diagram
Flow chart format that was used to diagram the processes of the agency’s critical business function.
Revenue communications flowchart
One-page diagram of the agency’s communications processes.  Helps explain “who talks to whom” during a crisis situation.
Revenue table top test assumptions
Short list of assumptions to consider when preparing to conduct a table top test.
Revenue table top test evaluation form
Short form outlining issues to address when evaluating your business continuity plan following a table top test.
Secretary of State
SOS business impact analysis (BIA) questionnaire
Developing the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is one of the first steps in developing a continuity plan.  The first section of this questionnaire describes the purpose of the BIA.  The questionnaire was given to staff to complete.  It is a template for conducting the BIA interviews and provides an overall framework for the BIA meetings. 
SOS business impact analysis for Human Resources Division – April 2008
This BIA identifies key business processes, associated computer systems, tangible/intangible impacts if a process can’t be performed, critical interdependencies, and essential vital records.  Most importantly, it identified how soon (e.g., 12 hours, 24 hours, 5 Days, etc.) after an unplanned disruption a business process must be recovered.
SOS business continuity plan for Audits Division – June 2008
Business continuity plan for the Audits Division of the agency. 
Department of State Lands
DSL communications plan – March 2008
Crisis communications plan for a smaller agency
Department of Treasury
OST BCP project charter
Brief document outlining the overall policy and purpose of the agency’s business continuity plan. (pdf)
OST project Gant chart
Gant chart showing timelines for steps involved in developing Treasury’s business continuity plan. (pdf)
OST testing with Sungard
Outline of the steps to be taken for a specific on-the-ground test.  Test involved setting up operations at Sungard facility in Arizona following an “incident.”  (pdf)
OST assessment of lessons learned
Outline that can be used to develop summary of results following an incident or a BCP test. (pdf)
OST incident assessment worksheet
Form to use to assess agency response when an incident occurs.  Can also be used during a test of the BCP to evaluate agency response to the test. (pdf)
OregonYouth Authority
OYA business continuity plan for Central Operations
Business continuity plan for agency’s Central Operations division.