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Reorganization Project, 2006-07
What's New
Sept. 1, 2006
I’m pleased to announce the release of the IRMD Reorganization Master Plan (pdf). This plan is the result of a very collaborative planning process that the reorganization steering committee participated in over the summer and reflects input we received from key stakeholders in the area of IT. In the plan, you’ll find the how, when and where of various transitions that the Information Resources Management Division (IRMD) and its staff are experiencing as IRMD sunsets and the Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy Division (EISPD) emerges.
The foundation of this effort, from the initial review of IRMD through the transition planning, has been to create a new organization with a business model for success. I’m confident that this plan positions DAS for improved service delivery and increases our focus on enterprise information management. And, it makes sound financial sense. These are the areas we’ll be monitoring as we move forward. I’m calling on the reorganization steering committee to ensure that the success criteria outlined in the plan is met. --Lindsay Ball, DAS Director 
Aug. 9, 2006
The reorganization of the Information Resources Management Division (IRMD) continues and is on track to deliver a master reorganization plan on Sept. 1, 2006. Part of the process includes recommending a new name for the division. After considering all input provided, the Dept. of Administrative Services Director's Office has decided to accept the reorganization steering committee’s recommendation to rename the division the Enterprise Information Strategy and Policy Division (EISPD). 
June 23, 2006
Welcome to the central Web page regarding the reorganization project of the Information Resources Management Division (IRMD). All new documents, messages and information posted to this Web page will be highlighted in this What's New section.

Project Overview
The goal is to create a more adaptable enterprise technology organization designed to meet the state’s needs now and in the future. 
The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) concluded an organizational review of the Information Resources Management Division (IRMD) in April 2006. The purpose of the review was to ensure that the business and organizational model being used was appropriate. Based on the recommendations of the review, a decision was made to separate IRMD’s service-provider functions from its governance, planning and policy functions. 
Summary, Assessment and Recommendations for Change (pdf)
Full Report, Assessment and Recommendations for Change (pdf)
With the transfer of IRMD's service functions (to other DAS divisions), the role of the State Chief Information Officer (State CIO) becomes one of enterprise strategic planning and policy leader. The State CIO will be responsible for: Enterprise Planning and Policy; Strategic IT Investment Management; Geospatial Enterprise Office; E-government; Enterprise Security Office and Business Continuity Planning.  
An Executive Steering Committee was formed to address planning and implementation of the transition. The team is led by the DAS Deputy Director and Interim State CIO and is comprised of representatives from DAS divisions affected by the reorganization. The Executive Steering Committee's goal is to facilitate a smooth transition and do it in a way that is open and visible to those who have a stake in the process.
DAS wants to share information about the process and gather feedback from stakeholders. Throughout the project, questions or comments can be submitted to: irmd.reorg@das.state.or.us

The Executive Steering Committee Charter (pdf) contains proposed dates for transfer of IRMD service functions to other DAS divisions. The following timeline captures the information in graphic form.
IRMD Reorganization Project Timeline

June 23, 2006
Why is DAS doing this?
  • To create a more adaptable enterprise technology organization that will meet the state’s needs now and in the future.
  • To establish DAS as a credible leader for enterprise IT.
  • To deliver service quality that is aligned with customer expectations for excellence.
Why does IRMD need to change, now?
  • IRMD employees are capable and want to provide excellence in service and leadership.  The current organizational structure and business model is an impediment to their efforts.
  • The current business model tries to do too much (providing service and enterprise governance) resulting in a loss of focus.
  • The current business model limits our capacity to meet customer expectations.
  • The current finance model is flawed and must be fundamentally restructured.
How do we get from “here” to “there?”
  • There is a lot of detail planning and implementation work that will have to be done this summer (detailed transition plans for individual employees and work units, preparation of the Agency Request Budget, etc.).
  • A project team will be assembled and charged with producing a complete plan by September 1.
Who can I talk with if I have questions about how this affects my career with DAS?
  • The DAS Executive Team and the IRMD leadership will communicate with you as plans are developed.
  • Your supervisor or Jerry Korson (DAS Personnel) will make themselves available to talk with you about how changes may affect you personally.
As a customer-agency of Enterprise Applications Services, what should I expect in this process? Are we losing access to staff resources?
  • Part of this reorganization project involves phasing out services and staff positions that do not support DAS-specific systems. DAS intends to work with each affected customer-agency to minimize impacts to their operations and systems. In the meantime, specific questions may be submitted to irmd.reorg@das.state.or.us.

Documents Library
 Alphabetical list by document title and/or subject area Date Posted
Assessment and Recommendations for Change, Summary (pdf)06/23/06 
Assessment and Recommendations for Change, Full Report (pdf)06/23/06 
Charter, Executive Steering Committee (pdf) 06/23/06
Reorganization Master Plan (pdf)09/01/06

Questions? Send us an e-mail
E-mail inquiries will be processed within 24 hours of receipt. Send questions or comments to: irmd.reorg@das.state.or.us.