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State IT-related Law
Oregon Revised Statutes direct the Department of Administrative Service (DAS) to oversee and coordinate the planning, acquisition, installation and use of information and telecommunications technology.  DAS is also directed to:
  • Develop statewide plans and a variety of rules, policies, standards and procedures;
  • Secure and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of state information resources; and,
  • Improve the efficient and effective use of state resources through the provision of:
    • Government infrastructure services that can best be provided centrally, and
    • Statewide information systems and networks to aid the reliable exchange of information and applied technology.


IT-related Oregon Revised Statutes
(Most frequently cited IT-related law references in BOLD)
84.052 -184.477

84.052 Acceptance and distribution of electronic records by governmental agencies.
84.055 Interoperability.
84.064 Oregon Department of Administrative Services duties. (UETA)
184.305 Oregon Department of Administrative Services.
184.340 Rules.
Definitions for ORS 184.475 and 184.477.
Information technology portfolio-based management; inventory; standards; rules; exception.
Enterprise management; plan for management of distributed information technology assets; standards; exception.
283.100 - 283.524

283.100 Duty of department to provide administrative functions to state agencies; cost of services; payment.
283.110  Furnishing by state agency to another state agency of services, facilities and materials; services, facilities or materials furnished to other persons.
283.130 "Agency" defined for ORS 283.140 to 283.160.
283.140 Central telephone, telecommunications, mail, shuttle bus and messenger service for state agencies; costs; rules.
283.143   Surcharge for telecommunications services; purpose; exempt agencies.
283.500  Policy.
283.505  Coordination of telecommunications systems.
283.510  Acquisition of advanced digital communication network.
283.515 Use of agency travel and transportation funds for telecommunications services.
283.520  Contracts for telecommunications equipment and services not to exceed 10 years; contract benefits for certain nonprofit organizations.
283.524  Agreements to fund or acquire telecommunications equipment and services.
291.002 - 291.990

291.002 Definitions.
291.015 Fiscal responsibilities of department; delegation of fiscal functions.
291.016 Making administrative and organizational surveys.
291.018 Conducting research; requiring administrative reports from agencies.
291.026 Examining agency records and financial affairs.
291.028 Submitting suggestions to governor for improvement of state governmental administration.
291.030 "Agency" defined for ORS 291.032 and 291.034.
291.032 Providing technical services involving management and organization.
291.034 Providing technical services involving data processing.
291.037 Legislative findings on information resources.
291.038 Oversight of state information and telecommunications technology by State Chief Information Officer; policy; videoconferencing and online access service; rules
291.039 State Chief Information Officer; qualifications; Information Technology and Telecommunications Plan; rules
291.042 Use of data processing programs, information and materials; approval by legislature.
291.045 Definitions for ORS 291.045 and 291.047.
291.047 Public contract approval by Attorney General; exemptions.
291.050 Definitions for ORS 291.050 to 291.060.
291.055 Agency fee approval required; exemptions; restoration of temporarily reduced fees.
291.060 Report of fees to legislative assembly.
291.110 Achieving Oregon benchmarks; monitoring agency progress.
291.204 Prescribing forms for submitting budget estimates and requests for appropriations; furnishing budget forms to agencies.
291.206 Guidance of agencies in completing budget forms.
291.274 Determination of funds and appropriations to be assessed.
291.276 Department to allocate governmental service expenses among state agencies.
291.278 Transfer of allocated amounts to general fund.
291.375 Legislative review of applications for federal financial assistance; submission, approval required; exemptions.
291.990 Penalties.

461.055 Emergency database center at Burns; contract requirements; transfer of excess capacity.