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Developing Service Level Agreements
Service Level Agreements

Under the auspices of the Customer Utility Boards, the first wave of Service Level Agreement work came to completion in September 2013 when all four CUBs unanimously approved Service Level Agreements for the following DAS divisions and programs: Enterprise Human Resource Services; Enterprise Technology Services; Fleet & Parking Services; Surplus Property; and Publishing & Distribution.

The objective of SLAs is to ensure both DAS staff and customers understand and agree on how services will be performed and the responsibilities and expectations of each party. Service Level Agreements describe the services offered by each DAS provider, identify common performance targets and common responsibilities for customers of a service, and document common service management processes to which DAS and representatives from Customer Utility Boards agree. SLAs are working documents meant to reflect the continuous change in services and operating processes delivered by DAS, and to communicate service level expectations between DAS and customers.

In addition to the five approved SLAs, a second wave of SLA work was launched in August 2013. Three project teams, comprised of DAS staff and representatives from customer agencies, are working to complete SLAs by early 2014 for the following programs:

  • Facility operations program (Enterprise Asset Management CUB)
  • Facility maintenance program (Enterprise Asset Management CUB)
  • Risk management services (Enterprise Goods & Services CUB)

Thereafter, DAS and CUB members will begin development of SLAs for the five remaining programs.

To access the library of Service Level Agreements, click one of the following links. 

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SLA Performance Reports

According to the conditions of its Service Level Agreement, each DAS service provider will publish quarterly and yearly performance reports comparing actual performance against the performance targets agreed upon with customers.

Performance reports will also include an action plan for any measure that does not comply with the agreed service-level expectations or performance targets, and other information such as a report on formal performance complaints received during the previous quarter.

Service providers may add content to their performance reports such other additional views or analyses of performance, key processes or incidents relevant to the type of service provided by each program or division (per type, per geographic area, per severity level, etc.).

To access the library of performance reports, click one of the following links. 

Enterprise Asset Management performance report library

Enterprise Goods & Services performance report library

Enterprise HR Services performance report library

Enterprise Technology Services performance report library


SLA Tools & Templates

Each Customer Utility Board participates in the development of general Service Level Agreements for each utility service it oversees, negotiating the contents with each DAS service provider.

The CUBs also review and approve the final terms of each SLA, ensuring that defined service levels are commensurate with the rates charged for each service.

The CUBs approve the process to be followed for the development of SLAs, as well as the specific ad-hoc committees or task forces responsible for executing the work. This ensures that customers are heavily involved and each SLA clearly articulates the outcomes customers need.

With the objective of using a common structure in SLAs for all service delivery programs or divisions of DAS, a team of DAS and customer representatives from all four CUBs worked together to develop a common template for all SLA documents. This template, which includes a common Table of Contents and common content for key service management processes, was voted on and approved by all four Customer Utility Boards in February 2013. The template includes guidelines on how to fulfill each of the SLA sections.
Service Level Agreement Template >>

Agency-specific SLAs: 

In addition to general boilerplate Service Level Agreements, where there is a business need, individual customer agencies can request an SLA with DAS. The agreement would reflect customer-specific information such as the customer's choice of services from the service catalog, customer-specific operational commitments or procedures, exceptions from standards, contact information for escalation procedures associated with critical information systems or processes, etc.
Agency-specific Service Agreement Template >>