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EGS Customer Utility Board Rate Development

​The following documents have been presented at EGS Customer Utility Board sub-group meetings as part of the rate development process for the 2015-17 biennium for the Department of Administrative Services.

collapse CUB Name : EGS ‎(172)
collapse Meeting Date : 3/25/2014 ‎(1)
Lessons Learned_EGS
collapse Meeting Date : 1/24/2014 ‎(7)
EGS CUB 2015-17 Financial Business Systems Rate Methodology Recommendations 10-16-2013
EGS CUB 2015-17 Procurement Services Rate Methodology Recommendations 11-20-2013
EGS CUB 2015-17 Publishing Distribution Rate Methodology Recommendations 12-18-2013(1)
EGS CUB 2015-17 Risk Management Rate Methodology Recommendations 11-12-2013
EGS CUB 2015-17 Shared Financial Services Rate Methodology Recommendations 10-16-2013
EGS Rate Development - On the Road Meeting Agenda - Version 6 - 01-24-2014
Rate Development - Enterprise Goods Services 01-24-2014 V3
collapse Meeting Date : 12/4/2013 ‎(3)
PnD-01 DRAFT EGS CUB 2015-17 PD Rate Methodology Recommendations 11-14-2013 V2
Printing and Distribution Agenda 12-4
Printing and Distribution Minutes 12-4
collapse Meeting Date : 11/14/2013 ‎(3)
PD-01 Publishing Distribution Rate Development Model PowerPoint
Publishing and Distribution Agenda 11-14
Publishing and Distribution Minutes 11-14
collapse Meeting Date : 11/12/2013 ‎(5)
Risk Management Agenda 11-12
Risk Management Minutes 11-12
Risk-01 DRAFT EGS CUB RM Rate Methodology Recommendations 11-12-2013
Risk-03 FINAL COST OF RISK TO ALLOCATE 2015-2017- Summary Coast of Risk to Allocate tab
collapse Meeting Date : 10/22/2013 ‎(7)
Risk Management Agenda 10-22
Risk Management Minutes 10-22
Risk-01 Risk Report Example
Risk-03 2013-2015 Risk Charges (PowerPoint presentation)
Risk-04 SAMPLE DOJ charges for Risk Managment
collapse Meeting Date : 10/18/2013 ‎(12)
Procurement Agenda 10-18
Procurement Minutes 10-18
Procurement-01 PS Trans Count by Agy Rt Dvlp 10-01-2013 v3
Procurement-02 ORPIN Rate Model v5
Procurement-03 ORCPP (Oregon Coop. Proc. Prog.) Fee Schedule
Procurement-04 VCAF Internal Operating Procedure
Procurement-05 VCAF Fee Comparison Data
Procurement-06 EGS 2013-2015 Training Rates 06-12-2013
Procurement-07 EGS Rev Exp Balances Summaries Analysis Worksheet V2 10-01-2013
Procurement-08 DRAFT EGS CUB PS Rate Methodology Recommendations 10-18-2013
Procurement-09 P. Torrent ORPIN email
collapse Meeting Date : 10/10/2013 ‎(6)
SFS-01 DRAFT EGS CUB SFS Rate Methodology Recommendations 10-10-2013
SFS-02 Accountant Combined Hourly Rates 10-10
SFS-03 EGS 15-17 Proj1 Exp Rqmts-IN PROCESS WRJK MODS revised 08-06-2013
SFS-04 SAMPLE Accountant Billable Time Worksheet
Shared Financial Services Agenda 10-10
Shared Financial Services Minutes 10-10
collapse Meeting Date : 10/8/2013 ‎(14)
Risk Management Agenda 10-8
Risk Management Minutes 10-8
Risk-01 2013-15 LAB Price List Narrative for Risk Management
Risk-02 2013-15 LAB Price List Info for Risk Management
Risk-03 2013-15 All Agency List
Risk-04 Risk Management 2015-17 Proj 1 Rollup 10-07-2013
Risk-05 2013-15 Risk Management Non-Limited Estimated Expenditures
Risk-06 2011-13 EGS Risk Management Non-Limited Expenditures - EXAMPLE
Risk-07 EGS CUB Rate Review Calendar for 2015 -17 Budget Build -- REVISED 07-15-2013
Risk-08 Risk Management Overview 2013
Risk-09 2013-15 Risk Charges ppt
Risk-10 Risk Management Risk Control Unit Assistance
Risk-11 DRAFT Oregon Risk Fund Actuarial Review
Risk-12 Fund Status Report
collapse Meeting Date : 9/26/2013 ‎(6)
SFS- Shared Financial Services Agenda 9-26
SFS- Shared Financial Services Minutes 9-26
SFS-01 Calculated Rates SFS 2013-15
SFS-02 Accountant Combined Hourly Rates
SFS-03 AP AR CR data 9-26
SFS-04 Client Agencies Services Customers
collapse Meeting Date : 9/24/2013 ‎(7)
Procurement Agenda 9-24
Procurement Minutes 9-24
Procurement-01a ORPIN Rate Model- Impact Statement
Procurement-01b ORPIN Rate Model-ORPIN Summary
Procurement-02 Transaction count 9-23
Procurement-03 Transaction Count by Agency 9-24
Procurement-04 EGS Revenue Expenditure Balances Summaries Analysis Worksheet 9-6
collapse Meeting Date : 9/12/2013 ‎(12)
SFS- Shared Financial Services Agenda 9-12
SFS- Shared Financial Services Minutes 9-12
SFS-01 EGS CUB Rate Review Calendar for 2015 -17 Budget Build
SFS-02 2013-15 SFS Published Price List Info
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