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Project Management - FAQ
If I have a plan for a project at my agency, do I need it approved by the Department of Administrative Services?
In state owned facilities, the Project Management Program will approve agency projects through the Project Authorization Process.  Depending on project complexity there are three options:

  • A Project Manager may be assigned to the project 
  • Project oversight may be delegated to the agency
  • An independent project management firm may be hired to manage the project. If an independent Project Manager is hired, the agency will be charged.
Who do I submit my project proposal to?    
Project proposals are submitted to the Facilities Division, Planning and Construction Program on a Project Authorization Request form (pdf).      

Does DAS or my agency pay for the services of Facilities Division, Project Managers?
Facilities Division, Project Management Program will charge a fee for services if the project falls outside the scope of a capital construction or capital improvement project for Department owned facilities.  The Program is continually evaluating cost and performance to private and public sector benchmarks.

Does DAS or my agency pay the lease while the improvements are being made?
Agencies will normally continue to pay rent for space they occupy if the improvement project results from an agency request or action.  If improvements are made prior to agency occupancy, the Space Assignment Agreement between the agency and the Facilities Division, Real Property Services Program specifies when the rent will begin.
Will the DAS Project Manager help me find new space for my project?    
Project Management does not assist in acquiring new space.  The DAS Real Property Services section helps state agencies in locating new space.
If I need an outside consultant, will the Facilities' Project Managers help me find one?    
Yes.  This is a service provided by the Project Management Program.
If DAS tells my agency that it is necessary remodel, who pays for it?  DAS or my agency?   
DAS will usually fund remodeling projects that it requires.  However, there may be some exceptions depending on the circumstances.  For example, an agency´s use of the space may change creating an unsafe condition.  In this case DAS may require the agency to "remodel" to remedy the unsafe condition or change the use.  In this instance, DAS would not pay for the remodel.
What if the Project Management Program does not have staff available to handle my project?  
Every effort will be made to provide in-house project management.  If staff is not available, Project Management will assist the agency by contracting for these services and overseeing the contract.
If my agency must move while renovations are being made, will DAS Project Management help me find temporary space?
The Project Management Program will generally not assist agencies in locating temporary space.  They will assist you by referring requests for temporary space to the Real Property Services Program.


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