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Interior Project Management - FAQ
Do we have to use the DAS Interior Project Managers?
No. Agencies may choose to use an outside design professional, or work with the systems furniture dealership’s designers, and pay for their services. However, if your plan includes the use of systems furniture; and you want to purchase it using the DAS purchasing contract; and if the cost of the furniture is over $10,000 list price; you must have your plan approved by a DAS Interior Project Manager. This is in accordance with the DAS purchasing contract for systems furniture.  
What are the advantages of using the DAS Interior Project Managers?
They know who their customers are. They create long term relationships with agencies to better serve their needs. They are familiar with all of the DAS owned buildings. Most of the DAS owned buildings are in AutoCAD files, and they use AutoCAD to draft your layouts. They are trained and skilled in their profession, and keep up to date on current and future trends in facilities design and interior projects.
Do we have to pay for the services of a DAS Interior Project Managers?
If your agency is residing in a DAS owned building, the services are "free" at the time you request a Interior Project Manager.  If you are in a state owned building, not owned by DAS, or a leased facility, you will be charged for space planning services. See the Price List of Goods and Servies for current fees.  
My agency is expanding and we need to acquire more office space.  Will DAS Interior Project Managers help me acquire new space for my agency?
No.  The DAS Interior Project Managers can help you use the space you have more efficiently, but they do not help an agency acquire new space.  DAS Real Property Services will help your agency acquire new space.
Call to arrange a free one-hour consultation to discuss making your interior project go more smoothly.
Start by filling out a Interior Project Management Request Form (doc) and sending it to:
DAS Facilities, Project Management
1225 Ferry Street, SE U100
Salem, OR 97301
If they cannot help you, they can assist you in finding a qualified Design Consultant. (Note: Consultants’ services are always fee-based.)
What is the Project Authorization Process, and when do I need to go through it for a interior project?
You must submit your plan for review by the DAS Project Authorization committee if you are requesting to do a project in a DAS owned building. This includes the following: Changing the use of any space:
  • Constructing or demolishing any enclosed space, including private offices, conference rooms, etc.
  • Adding or deleting electrical outlets or circuits.
  • Installing or removing major electrical consuming or heat generating equipment in a building served by an HVAC system.
  • Changing the finish materials used on interior walls, ceilings, or floors.
  • Changing or adding wiring in space below the floor or above ceilings when either space is using a return air plenum.
  • Adding or removing doors, or door hardware, including closures.
  • Altering the building shell.
  • Modifying common space, including rest rooms, hallways, stairs, corridors, and elevators.
  • Modifying or adding air handling equipment.
The members of the committee meet once a week to review proposed projects in DAS-owned buildings. Your DAS space planner will be present to explain what it is you would like approved. If you request a DAS project manager to assist in managing any remodeling, one will be assigned at this time. If the committee approves your plan, you will receive written approval to proceed. If the committee finds areas of concern in your plan, they will document them on a return response and ask you to address them with the appropriate persons

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