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Administrator FAQ's

What is ePaystub?

A secure online electronic view of the paystub for State of Oregon employees utilizing net pay direct deposit. 
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How do I access the ePaystub administrator site?

You access the site at: https://dasapp.state.or.us/AdminPayrollPortal/Login.aspx. It is recommended that you save this address to your favorites, though you can also access indirectly from the ePayroll Portal. You access the ePaystub administrator portal by using your agency number, RACF and RACF password.
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What information, including personal, will be displayed on ePaystub?

Paystub exampleePaystub will display on the employee's first and last name on their electronic paystub.  They will see the same wage and deduction information as they do on their paper paystub, including: current and YTD earnings and deductions, regular pay, overtime, shift differential and special payments, leave balances and leave usage.

If an employee has specific questions regarding privacy or issues surrounding the electronic display of their paystub, administrators can let employees know that their electronic paystub displays less personal information than their printed copy.  Additionally, since no location is listed on any part of the electronic paystub, they would not be able to be located simply by looking at an electronic copy of their paystub.

Employees with a current court order prohibiting disclosure of their information will not be included in the initial implementation process.  If they wish to participate in ePaystub they will need to complete an Opt-In request form and provide it to their agency payroll office.  

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Are there any tools to help me use ePaystub?

Yes, the administrator help tools are located in the "Agency Toolkit" located on this website.  There are numerous documents, a brief tutorial and templates that were created to make your administration of ePaystub easier. 
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How do I add new ePaystub users?

After the automatic pre-registration process completes for your agency, the three steps to manually pre-register an employee are:

1. Have new net pay direct deposit employees alert payroll that they want to enroll in ePaystub. An ePaystub enrollment form is provided here for your agency to use if you choose.

2. An ePaystub administrator then logs into the ePaystub Administrator Portal, checks that the employee is the correct one being pre-registered, enters an email address (if necessary), clicks "opt-in" and then save. 

3. The employee will then receive an automatically generated welcome email that will provide instructions on how they can finish their enrollment in ePaystub.

For more specific information about manually pre-registering agency employees, please see the Administrator Quick Start Guide (pdf) or the Administrator Tutorial (PowerPoint Slide Show). 

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Is there any information we can give to employees about ePaystub?

Yes, there is an ePayroll portal that has been set up to allow State of Oregon employees to have a site where they can access not only ePaystub, but all the help materials as well.  That site is: http://epayroll.oregon.gov. 

Additionally, the ePaystub project team has created several templates that agencies can use, if they choose, to communicate with their employees about ePaystub.  They are: the ePaystub employee flyer (pdf), an employee "fact sheet" template (.docx) and the ePaystub employee email template (.doc). 

For more information about agency ePaystub communication, or to request specifically tailored agency communication, please contact Kari Kampert, the ePaystub Project Trainer at kari.kampert@das.state.or.us, or 503.373.0252.

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Can an employee opt out of ePaystub?


Due to the passage of House Bill 2207, which was signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber in June 2013, and Temporary Oregon Administrative Rule 125-015-0200, both direct deposit and electronic paystubs are the standard for all State of Oregon employees.
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What information does an employee need to register for ePaystub?

Employees will need their Oregon employee identification number (OR#), agency number and payment number from one of their last three printed paystubs. 
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Where can I access the ePaystub administrator site from?

The ePaystub administrator login site can only be accessed from state computers for security reasons.
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Can employees view and print their paystubs at work?

Yes, viewing and printing electronic paystubs at work is considered a work related activity.  Employees may use their work computer or printer to print a copy of their electronic paystub from the pdf version displayed on ePaystub.  Most state computers have a pdf reader installed on them.  If yours doesn't, please contact your computer administrator. 
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Will mid-month ePaystubs be available?

Yes, employees will see all earnings that are generated for them, whether it is a regular monthly deposit, a mid-month deposit, or a manual check that results in a text entry on ePaystub.
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How will prior month correctives be managed?

[Corrective paystubs will be displayed in the pay period in which they are issued.  For example, if an employee has a corrective for the 5/1/13 pay date, the employee will show two different 5/1/13 links in their paystub link menu, with the first being the uncorrected paystub, and the second showing the corrected paystub.
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How many months of paystubs are employees able to see at any one time?

Electronic paystubs will be maintained and available for a rolling 13 month period.  Paystubs are available from the time the employee opts in to the current period until there are 13 months of data.  Additionally, employees may save electronic copies of their paystubs on their home computers each month and access as much paystub history as they choose to keep, that way. 
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What happens if an employee leaves state service or transfers to a different agency?

After an employee leaves state service they will no longer have access to ePaystub and would need to contact their last agency's payroll department if they need a copy of one of their previous paystubs.

For agency transfers, an employee might need to update their email address to reflect their new agency as well as use their new agency number to login.  If they are using their personal email address, nothing needs to be updated except the agency number.

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The ePaystub looks different from my paper copy, is it an "official" copy?

Yes, ePaystub is an official copy as defined by ORS 652.610.
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What are the access and support hours for ePaystub?

The ePaystub site is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, like a typical website.  As an administrator of ePaystub, your agency will be responsible for providing support for your employees and determining what those hours are. 
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Are there employee FAQ's?

Yes, along with many other help and information tools available on the ePayroll Portal.
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