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Administrator Glossary

Account locked

The check box on the administrator's screen that will "turn off" an employee's access to ePaystub.  This box can ONLY be unchecked by an administrator but can be checked by the administrator and will be automatically checked by the ePaystub system after an employee attempts to login incorrectly 18 or more times within a 24 hour period. 

For a detailed look at the various fields on the administrator pre-registration screen, see the Administrator Tutorial

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Agency number

The three or five digit code associated with your agency.
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Automatic pre-registration process

This is the "behind-the-scenes" process by which your agency's employee will have their information loaded into the ePaystub system, eliminating a majority of the upfront administrator work. 

Employees will then have the option to participate in ePaystub, if they choose.  If the employee takes no action, then their information will be purged from the system.

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The check box on the administrator pre-registration screen that shows the administrator that the employee has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. 

This box is automatically checked by the ePaystub system when an employee agrees to the Terms and Conditions after setting up their profile and requires no action from the administrator. 

If this box is NOT checked, an employee has NOT agreed to the ePaystub Terms and Conditions.

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Email confirmed

This box is automatically checked when an employee either clicks on the link in the ePaystub generated welcome email, OR when the employee logs into ePaystub and clicks on the "email confirmation" link at the top of their profile. 

This box is automatically checked and requires no action from the administrator, unless the employee needs their confirmation email resent. 

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Employee ID

The employee's Oregon employee identification number (OR#).  It can be found on one of the employee's printed paystubs.
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The State of Oregon website that allows employees to view, print and save their paystub, anywhere (there is an internet connection) and anytime they choose.
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Frequently asked questions about ePaystub.  There is an employee version and an administrator version.
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Information Asset Classification

For a detailed look at the policy governing how state agencies classify data, click here.

For the purposes of ePaystub, all paystubs are classified as level 2, unless an individual's paystub is classified as level 4 through a court order. 

See the administrator FAQ "What information, including personal, will be displayed on ePaystub?" for more information about this issue.

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Oregon State Payroll Application - The system used by agency payroll representatives to track hours, pay and benefits for state employees.
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Oregon Statewide Payroll Services is a section in the Financial Business Services unit of the Enterprise Goods and Services group at the Department of Administrative Services. 

It is responsible for maintaining OSPA and providing system support for agency payroll staff and for providing payroll services to DAS and client agency employees.

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Payment number

This number is located on the top right portion of an employee's printed paystub.  Any one of the last three printed paystub payment numbers will work for ePaystub registration. 
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Purge process

This term refers to another "behind-the-scenes" process that automatically removes employee information from the ePaystub system.  If an employee takes no action to register in ePaystub after the automatic pre-registration process, then their information will be removed from the system and they will continue to receive their printed paystubs.  Additionally, if employees participate in ePaystub but later discontinue their participation, their information will be purged as well.
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The login information associated with entering information into OSPA.
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Registration complete

The check box on the administrator pre-registration screen that shows an employee has completed setting up their profile.  This box is automatically checked by the ePaystub system and requires no action by the administrator. 

If this box is NOT checked, the employee has not set up their profile and will not be able to use ePaystub until they do. 

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Resend email confirmation

When an administrator selects this button, ePaystub will automatically generate a confirmation email and send it to the email address listed in the employee's profile.  The employee can click on the link in the email to confirm their address in ePaystub. 

A confirmed email address will enable the employee to request a temporary password, in the event that they need to reset their password in the future.  An unconfirmed email will not stop their usage of ePaystub.

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Screen reader view

The box that, when checked by either an employee or administrator, will display the employee's paystub in a format that a screen reader device can read. 

If an employee is NOT using a screen reader device, this box is unnecessary and will display the employee's paystub in a much different format that may be more difficult to read. 

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Temporary lock

This box is automatically checked when an employee has three or more incorrect login attempts.  The employee will be locked out of accessing ePaystub for 15 minutes. 

The administrator can NOT uncheck this box.  There will be an expiration time listed next to the box on the administrator screen that will state what time the lock will expire and the employee can attempt to login again. 

If the employee has triggered this lock because they can't remember their password, the administrator can click the "Reset Password" button and this will generate an email with a temporary password in it, but only if the employee has a confirmed email.   

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Terms and Conditions

The conditions an employee agrees to abide by when using ePaystub.  For a copy of the ePaystub Terms and Conditions, click here.
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