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Direct Deposit Enrollment

Welcome to the Direct Deposit Enrollment page for State of Oregon employees! 

Here you will find agency specific direct deposit forms that you can use to enroll. 

Click on one of the letters listed here to "jump" to your agency or scroll down until you find your agency listed. 

When you find your agency, click on the link for the form, complete it, sign it and return it to your payroll department.

If your agency isn't listed, then your payroll isn't processed through the Oregon State Payroll System and you will need to contact your agency for a direct deposit form.


​12000 Accountancy State Board
​44300 Acquired Infections Committee
​10700 Administrative Services Department (DAS)
​13100 Advocacy, Oregon Commission
​60300 Agriculture Department
16500 Archives Division
13100 Asian Affairs, Commission on

Athletic Trainers, Board of (OHLA)

​10900 ​Aviation Department
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​13100 Black Affairs, Commission on
​58500 Blind Commission
​83100 Body Piercing Licensing Program (OHLA)
​44000 Building Codes Division (DCBS)
​12300 Business Oregon
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​81100 Chiropractic Examiners Board
​35000 Columbia River Gorge Commission
​58600 Community Colleges Department  
​91500 Construction Contractors Board
44000​ Consumer & Business Services Department (DCBS)
​16500 Corporation Division (SOS) 
​29100 Corrections Department
​83100 Cosmetology, Board of (OHLA)
​10800 Counselors And Therapists, Board Of Licensed Professional
​21300 Criminal Justice Commission
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​83400 Dentistry, Oregon Board Of  
​83100 Denture Technology, Board of (OHLA)
​73000 Driver and Motor Vehicles (DMV/ODOT)
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​58100 Education Department
​16500 Elections Division (SOS)
​83100 Electrologists, Permanent Color, Tattoo Artists (OHLA)
​14500 Emergency Board
​47100 Employment Department
​11500 Employment Relations Board
​33000 Energy, Department of
​83100 Environmental Health Registration Board (OHLA)
​34000 Environmental Quality Department (DEQ) 
​19900 Ethics Commission, Oregon Government
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​44000 Finance And Corporate Securities (DCBS)
​63500 Fish And Wildlife Department (ODFW)
​62800 Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI)
​62900 Forestry Department
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​63200 Geology And Mineral Industries
​12100 Governor's Office
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​44300 Health Authority, Oregon
​44300 Health Evidence Review Commission (OHPR)
​83100 Health Licensing Agency, Oregon
​83100 Hearing Aids, Advisory Council on (OHLA)
​13100 Hispanic Affairs Commission
​91400 Housing/Community Services Department
​10000 ​Human Services Department (DHS)
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​44000 Insurance Division (DCBS)
​60300 Invasive Species Council, Oregon
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​19800 Judicial Department
​17500 ​Judicial Fitness and Disability, Commission on
​13700 Justice Department (DOJ)
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​83900 Labor And Industries Bureau
​66000 Land Conservation and Development Department (DLCD)
​66200 Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA)
​19800 ​Law Library, State of Oregon
​15600 ​Legislative Administration Committee
​15500 Legislative Assembly
​42500 ​Legislative Commission on Indian Services
​14200 Legislative Counsel Committee
​14500 ​Legislative Fiscal Office
​14400 ​Legislative Revenue Office
​54300 ​Library, Oregon State (OSL)
​83100 ​Licensed Dieticians, Board of (OHLA)
84500 Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)
​11400 ​Long Term Care Ombudsman
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​25000 Marine Board
​96800 Massage Therapists, Board Of
​44300 Medicaid Advisory Committee (OHPR)
83100​ Midwifery, Board Of Direct Entry (OHLA)
​24800 Military Department
​83300 Mortuary And Cemetery Board
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​83300 Naturopathic Medicine, Board of
​33000 ​Northwest Electric Power & Conservation Planning Council
​85100 ​Nursing Board
​83100 Nursing Home Administrators Board (OHLA)
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​83300 Occupational Therapy
​44300 Office of Private Health Partnerships
​10700 Oregon Educators Benefit Board (DAS)
​24800 ​Oregon Emergency Management (OMD)
​44300 Oregon Health Authority
​44300 ​Oregon Health Policy & Research (OHPR)
​84700 ​Oregon Medical Board
​44000 ​Oregon Occupational Safety And Health Division (DCBS)
​44300 Oregon Prescription Drug Program
​44300 ​Oregon Rx
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​44300 Pain Management Commission (OHPR)
​63400 Parks and Recreation, Oregon
25500​ Parole/Post Prison Supervison Board
​47100 Performance Reporting Information System
​85500 Pharmacy
​44300 Physician Credentialing (OHPR)
​25700 Police, Oregon State
​39900 Psychiatric Security Review Board
12200​ Psychologists Examiners Board
​40400 Public Defense Services Commission
​44300 Public Employees' Benefit Board (OHA)
​45900 Public Employees Retirement System
​25900 Public Safety Standards and Training Department (DPSST)
​86000 Public Utility Commission
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​86200 Racing Commission
​83300 Radiologic Technologists
​91900 Real Estate Agency
​44300 Research and Data Unit (OHPR)
​83100 ​Respiratory Therapist Licensing Board (OHLA)
​15000 ​Revenue Department
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​44300 Safety Net Advisory Council
​69100 Salmon and Watersheds, Oregon Plan for
​16500 Secretary Of State
​44000 Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (DCBS)
​83100 Sex Offender Treatment Board (OHLA)
​12400 Social Workers, Board of
​83300 Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
​63400 State Fair & Expo
​25700 State Fire Marshal (OSP)
​10000 State Independent Living Council (SILC)
​73000 State Interoperability Executive Council
​14100 State Lands, Department of
​25700 State Medical Examiner (OSP)
​57500 Student Access Commission, Oregon
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​11900 Tax Practitioners Board
​58400 Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC)
​73000 Transportation Department (ODOT)
​17000 Treasurer, Oregon State
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​27400 Veterans Affairs Department
​83300 Veterinary Examiners
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​69000 Water Resources Department
​69100 Watershed Enhancement Board
​13100 Women, Commission For
​44000 Workers' Compensation Board (DCBS)
​44000 Workers' Compensation Division (DCBS)

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