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Print-to-Post Frequently Asked Questions
Automation Compatible
Question: What’s meant by the term "Automation Compatible"?
Answer: Automation compatible simply means your mail piece has met all the criteria set forth by the USPS that allows it to be scanned and sorted and routed by machine rather than sorted by hand. In this way, your mail flows faster and has far less chance of delivery error. It costs far less for the USPS to process mail in this manner, therefore when your mail is automation compatible, it will cost you less to mail as you will receive "automation rates" from USPS.

Clean up and merge files
Question: Can I send several mail label files to Publishing and Distribution to have them "cleaned up," merged into one master file, and returned in a different format?
Answer: Yes to both parts. In fact, we can accept several files in different formats, as long as the formats are of the many types we can convert. We can merge the files, search for duplicates, change the entire file to upper case for postal hygiene purposes, and add the ZIP+4. We can send along a certified CASS report with the finished file, and usually send it to you in whatever file format you specify, such as Excel, Access, FileMaker Pro, etc.

Print-to-Post process
Question: Do I have to have my printing and mailing and database work all done by the Print-to-Post process to use your services?
Answer: No, you have the option to use one, two, or all three. Many of our customers contract with an outside vendor for printing and simply have the vendor drop the printing here for mailing. Just give us a heads up with a voice mail or e-mail on what it is you need. If you use just the mail services or database service, all we need is an agency number, a cost center and a contact name. Hey, what could be easier? It’s just another service from your Print-to-Post team.

Supply my own envelopes
Question: I would like to supply my own envelopes for Publishing and Distribution to use in my mailing. Is there a standard envelope type and size?
Answer: Yes, for Publishing and Distribution to use our automated inserters, we need standard #10 plain or windowed envelopes. If you are purchasing your #10 envelopes on the Corrections, Coffee Creek or Mail-Well envelope contract, they are produced for ease of insertion.
Envelope specifications (pdf)

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