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Address Sorting & Verification
Your electronic address data is carefully sorted and verified prior to mailing. We use postal software certified by the U.S. Postal Service Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to verify the completeness of your addresses, sort the data in ZIP code order and add the bar codes needed to qualify for postage discounts. As a result, you receive the lowest postage rates available and the peace of mind of knowing your addresses are as complete and accurate as possible.

Addressing Mail Pieces
After your data has been processed, it is sent to our inkjet addressing equipment. The machines print the addresses and corresponding bar codes directly onto the mail piece. In addition, we can imprint each piece with a mail permit or line of attention-getting text to your specifications.  

Merge Purge
Merge Purge software compares the records in your mailing address list for duplicate or multiple entries. The software has built in libraries to find duplicates using variations of the same name, transposed letters and different arrangements of the same street address. These advanced comparison methods locate more duplicate records than an ordinary database search.  
In addition, Merge Purge can “household” your mailings by combining address records for several individuals living at the same address into a single entry. For example, records for John Smith, Jane Smith and Junior Smith containing the same address information become a single record for “The Smith Household.”
If requested, you will receive a report of the records that were removed and an updated copy of your address file.
Because Merge Purge checks your address lists for double entries before we print your job, you can save money on both printing and mailing. After the data has been streamlined, you may choose to decrease the quantity on your printing order to reflect the change in your mail quantity. Reducing duplicate mail pieces also improves your level of customer service. Taxpayers receiving multiple copies of the same mail piece may develop a negative impression about your organization. By sending only one item to each address, you let your customers know that you care about serving them as efficiently as possible.
If you would like more information about Merge Purge, please contact Tim Hendrix. When you are ready to place your order, simply complete a printing requisition as usual and include your request for Merge Purge processing in the “Other Instructions” section of the order form.

The FASTforward system uses address matching software and the U.S. Postal Service change-of-address database to electronically update mailing lists. When people file a change-of-address card with the post office to forward their mail to a new address, the information on the card is added to a national database. The FASTforward system currently contains more than 26 million of these change-of-address (COA) records, and is updated weekly to maintain accuracy.
When you submit your mailing data for updating, FASTforward compares the names and addresses in your files with the national COA database. Then the system provides the new address information for records that contain both a matching name and old address. After the files have been updated, they can be used for a current mailing or returned to you for future projects.
FASTforward allows us to update your files electronically before we print the addresses on the mail piece. This means your mailing goes out with only the correct address printed on each piece, speeding turnaround times and creating a professional and efficient image with your customers. Plus, you can spend more of your time taking care of your agency’s core business and less time in data entry because the system produces a corrected file with updated information.
Other benefits of FASTforward include:
  • Postage savings of up to 9 cents per piece by qualifying for first class pre-sort rate
  • Fewer pieces of forwarded or returned mail, saving up to 59 cents per piece
  • Reduced waste due to undeliverable mail recycled by the post office.

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