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Requesting Procurement Services

What is a Request for Procurement Services?

A Request for Procurement Services is a document that provides our office with basic information about the procurement need of a Customer.  Once submitted to our office, it is reviewed for content to ensure all of the necessary information is available (see below for minimum requirements) and then assigned to a PS Buyer for processing.  There are two different methods for submitting a request, a Contract Service Request (CSR) and a Purchase Request (PR).  Details on each is located below.

Who needs to fill one out?

All Agencies and personnel doing procurements under DAS authority that have not been delegated authority to conduct the procurement themselves must submit a form requesting our services.  How do you know if you've been given delegated authority?  Refer to OAR 125-246-0170 [Delegation of Authority] or any Special Delegations you may have received from DAS Procurement Services. OUTLINE OF ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES


Why do I need to fill one out?

By submitting the request document it helps us appropriately assign the work to the most qualified, available PS Buyer.  The more information you can provide us at the beginning of the procurement process, the faster we will be able to present you with a Contract ready for use.  Submitting this document also helps us gather statistics on the type of services our Customers are requesting and how long it takes to process the request.  These statistics help us identify areas for improvement.  Taking a few extra moments to fill out the request as completely as possible Helps Us, Help You!

When do I need to fill one out?

A Customer can fill out a request as soon as they have gathered the minimum requirements.  There will be times when you may need our procurement expertise when outlining the details.  That's what we're here for!  The sooner we can become part of the conversation, the easier it is for us to identify the best procurement method for your particular need.  We know you may have done the procurement 100 times, but maybe a new methodology has been authorized that could speed up the process?  Let us work together and have our procurement subject matter experts do the heavy lifting figuring out the "How" so that your subject matter experts have more time to focus on the "What."


When to submit a Contract Service Request (CSR) Form -

  • If you are a Department of Administrative Services Employee (DAS)
  • Member of a Government Board or Commission
  • Member of an organization with no DPO


When to submit a Purchase Request (PR) Form - If you are not listed as eligible to submit a CSR (above)

How do I fill out my request?  What do I submit?

We've created a handy Checklist to help you gather the necessary information PS staff members need in order to quickly begin work on your project.  Just start at the top and work your way down until you have everything checked off.  As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at (503)378-4642.  CHECKLIST

Drafting a good Scope of Work is the most critical part of the entire contracting process.  The Scope of Work will be used both when selecting a Vendor and when finalizing the Contract.  Many people confuse Scope of Work with Statement of Work.  Think of Scope as an umbrella that covers the Statements.  Create a Scope that will encompass all of your intentions (in more general terms) and let the Statement provide the details on how it gets accomplished.  Use the following links for tips on how to create a great Scope!  SOW Writing Guide and Task Writing Tips

Where can I find the request form?  Where do I send it?

Contract Service Request (CSR) Form send to:

DAS EGS-Procurement Services
1225 Ferry St SE, 2nd Floor
Salem, OR 97301

Purchase Request (PR) Form - Instructions for submitting through ORPIN 

Now that I've submitted my Request for Procurement Services form, what's next?

You will receive an acknowledgement receipt 1 to 2 business days from date of submission.  Within 3 business days from submission, a PS Buyer will be assigned based upon experience with your particular need.  Within 5 business days from submission, the assigned PS Buyer will contact you to review your request and to arrange next steps.  They will work with you to ensure the minimum information requirements have been submitted and, within 10 business days from submission, create a mutually agreed upon timeline for completion.  See the Procurement Services (PS) Service Level Agreement website for additional information.

Who do I call if I need help filling out the form?

Contact the DAS Procurement Services help desk at (503) 378-4642 and you will be directed to an experienced staff member who can answer your specific questions.  If you prefer to email your questions, please send them to EGSPSCustomerCare@oregon.gov and they will be appropriately forwarded.