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Citizen Reports and Police Citations
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Photo Radar Is Here!!!
Portland Police Bureau is using an automated speed enforcement program. The system is called Photo Radar. It combines a high-speed camera and radar. Photo Radar takes a photograph of the violator and the violator’s vehicle. It also records the time and location as well as vehicle speed.
Photo Radar captures speeders. It will soon record intersection infractions such as running red lights. These are high risk driving violations. They are the types of driving that causes injury crashes. They are the very driving behaviors we want to stop.
We expect Photo Radar to expand rapidly to other jurisdictions. Right now it is being used in the Portland metro area. Since state owned vehicles are registered to DAS, the citations are sent to the DAS-Motor Pool (DAS-MP) in Portland.
The Process
  • A state owned vehicle is recorded violating traffic laws. Portland Police sends a citation and description of the infraction to DAS-MP in Portland.
  • DAS-MP forwards the citation to the "assigned driver" of the vehicle listed on their records.
  • If it is a permanently assigned vehicle, DAS-MP sends the citation to the state employee responsible for the vehicle. This may be a supervisor or branch manager. It becomes their responsibility to learn who was actually driving when the infraction occurred. The actual driver is responsible to resolve the citation.
  • DAS-MP forwards a copy of the citation to DAS- Risk Management Division (RMD).
  • DAS-RMD then sets up a report file. This is the same process we use for State Police citations. We send a letter to our agency contact. They conduct an investigation. The agency tells us what corrective action has been taken.
  • We enter the citation into the agency vehicle use record. It will be reported back to agency managers in the annual Vehicle Incident Report beginning in 2000.
The driver must pay the citation. It goes on their driving record. If a supervisor or manager responsible for the car cannot identify the driver, they must deal with Portland Police to try to have the citation removed from their record. DAS will not pay the bail. State funds may not be used to pay traffic tickets.
Some Risk Control Suggestions
  • Hire safe, lawful, courteous drivers. Check driver’s license and driving records according to your agency policy.
  • Tell your employees their driving counts.  Send them to driver training.
  • Keep a vehicle use log. Have employees sign out vehicles. Don’t leave the keys around. Make employees ask so someone in your office knows who is using the car. Keep a record for at least a year. Don’t get stuck with someone else’s ticket and fine!
  • Have a Vehicle Analysis Review Panel. It could be your safety committee or special task team. Check with your agency Safety Advisor to learn how your agency handles this.
DAS-MP manages the citations. But you manage the drivers. Employees pay attention to the things you tell them are important. They want to do a good job. Make sure you get the message to them that driving is serious state business.
Fall 99, Vol 13, No 1