Accounting and Budget

SFS Calculator image.jpgThe Shared Financial Services (SFS) Accounting and Budget team provides accounting support for DAS and accounting and budgeting support for 22 client agencies. The primary accounting functions include accounting structure set up in the statewide financial system, fixed asset management, coordinating with DAS and state agencies on certificate of participation issues, preparing monthly, year-end and federal reports. We ensure that all financial transactions are in compliance with the Oregon Accounting Manual, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Oregon Administrative Rules, Oregon Revised Statutes, federal regulations, statewide policies, internal policies, and procedures.

The budgeting functions that we perform for our client agencies include allotment planning, projections, budget development and execution, fiscal analysis and respond to the Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) and DAS CFO team members as needed. The services that are provided to client agencies are based on interagency agreements and we receive revenue from state agencies based on the services provided. These agencies range from less than one FTE to approximately 77 FTE.

The SFS Accounting and Budget team has earned the "Gold Star" award for the past 11 years for its contributions to the state's annual financial report. The Chief Financial Office presents the award to agencies for excellence in financial reporting and meeting accounting goals for accuracy and timeliness.