Accounting and Budgeting

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DAS SFS provides state agencies with a suite of budgeting services that allows our customers to focus on their core mission and business responsibilities, while we focus on ensuring accounting activity is performed in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and principles.
Our customers are assigned an accountant who will work as their staff accountant, while being based in the DAS Executive Building in Salem.
SFS accountants assist client agencies in preparing, examining, and analyzing accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports to assess and ensure accuracy, completeness, and conformance to accounting, reporting, and procedural standards.



Our accounting services include:
·         Provide consultation and advisory services to our client agencies to ensure compliance of financial activity with Oregon Accounting Manual (OAM), IRS regulations, and Generally Applied Accounting Principles (GAAP).
·         Create and maintain accounting structure profiles, based on reporting requirements.
·         Allocate of revenue and expenditures to appropriate general and subsidiary ledger accounts.
·         Assist management with budget development throughout the entire budget cycle.
·         Cost out labor position Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and provide fiscal information needed for policy option packages.
·         Provide ORBITS/PICS reports to be included in budget binder at each budget phase.
·         Record the Legislatively Approved (and Adopted) Budget in SFMA with appropriate funds and program codes.
·         Update ORBITS accounts for Oregon Emergency Board (EBoard) actions and administrative adjustments.
·         Acts as Statewide Audit and Budget Reporting (SABRS) coordinator entering budget and positions into ORBITS/PICS.
·         Prepare quarterly allotments, vacancy savings reports, and pay-line exception reports.
·         Prepare and enter biennial financial plan with customer input and approval.
·         Prepare projections monthly for budget to actual tracking of revenues and expenditures.
·         Provide consultation and monthly standard Datamart reports specific to customers’ need (e.g., balance sheet, transaction register, and revenue expenditure reports).
·         Perform monthly cash reconciliation of Treasury accounts.
·         Perform monthly reconciliation and posting of investment details to appropriate general ledger accounts.
·         Perform monthly reconciliation of any subsidiary systems for sales, revenue, or expenditures to the statewide accounting system, Statewide Financial Management Application (SFMA).
·         Assist with forecasting and “what if” scenarios for positions for E-board, fiscal impacts and budget bills.
·         Provide consultation and advisory services on regulatory and financial reports.
·         Ensure compliance with federal reporting requirements by preparing all required federal and CFO-compliant financial statements and reports and submitting them to the Statewide Accounting & Reporting Services (SARS) unit within the Office of the Chief Financial Officer within the established due dates.
o   Develop and submit the agency Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).
o   Develop and submit annual statewide cost allocation plan for compliance with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-87.
o   Perform annual sub-recipient monitoring and audit reviews under OMB Circular A-133 and submit Schedule of Expenditure of Federal Awards (SEFA) report.
·         Archive accounting documents per record retention schedules.