Accounts Receivable


Shared Financial Services provides accounts receivable services to DAS and various Client Agencies to help ensure compliance with the Oregon Accounting Manual, Oregon Revised Statutes, statewide and internal policies and procedures.  Our cost-effective services fallow agencies to focus on their primary business responsibilities.

Shared Financial Services invoices and collects money owed by entities and agencies on DAS assessments, services and other state related activities.  We ensure reliable agency cash account reconciliation, helping our customers keep a real time track of their cash position with the State Treasury, the central bank for state agencies.




Our accounts receivable services offered:

  • Invoicing Services.
  • Deposit for cash, checks, ACH and wire transfers and posting to customer ledgers.
  • Deposit reconciliation of the Treasury screen via entry into the statewide accounting system, researching all negative amounts and processing all requested or needed adjustments.
  • Provide electronic "aging reports" for past due amounts.
  • Perform collection activities.
  • Maintain and update the agency vendor profiles in the statewide accounting system.
  • Update vendor profiles.
  • Archive documents per record retention schedules.
Accounts Receivable Forms