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Reciprocal Preference Law
Missouri (MO)


Preference to Missouri Products and Firms

Statute 34.070
In making purchases, the commissioner of administration or any agent of the state with purchasing power shall give preference to all commodities and tangible personal property manufactured, mined, produced, processed, or grown within the state of Missouri, to all new generation processing entities defined in section 348.432, except new generation processing entities that own or operate a renewable fuel production facility or that produce renewable fuel, and to all firms, corporations or individuals doing business as Missouri firms, corporations or individuals, when quality is equal or better and delivered price
is the same or less.   The commissioner of administration or any agent of the state with purchasing power may also give such preference whenever competing bids, in their entirety, are comparable.
For purposes of this section, "Commodities" shall include any forest products and bricks or any agricultural product that has been processed or otherwise
had value added to it in this state.

Disabled Veterans

Statute 34.074.03

In letting contracts for the performance of any job or service, all agencies, departments, institutions, and other entities of this state and of each political subdivision of this state shall give a three-point bonus preference to service-disabled veteran businesses doing business as Missouri firms, corporations, or individuals, or which maintain Missouri offices or places of business.

Statute 34.074.4

In implementing the provisions of subsection 3 of this section, the following shall apply:

(2) If no, or an insufficient number of such veterans doing business in this
state submit a bid or proposal for a contract let by an agency, department, institution, or other entity of the state or a political subdivision, such goal shall not be required and the provisions of subdivision (1) of this subsection shall not apply.

Preference to the Blind

Statute 34.165.1

In making purchases for this state, its governmental agencies or political subdivisions, the commissioner of administration shall give bidding preference consisting of a ten-point bonus on bids for products and services manufactured, produced or assembled in qualified nonprofit organizations for the blind established pursuant to the provisions of 41 U.S.C. Sections 46 to 48c, as amended and in sheltered workshops holding a certificate of approval from the department of elementary and secondary education pursuant to section 178.920 if the participating nonprofit organization provides the greater of two percent or five thousand dollars of the total contract value of bids for purchase not exceeding ten million dollars.   

Preference to food and beverages containing higher levels of calcium

Statute 34.375.1.  The "Missouri Calcium Initiative" 

2. The purchasing agent for any governmental entity that purchases food or beverages to be processed or served in a building or room owned or operated by such governmental entity shall give preference to foods and beverages that:

(1) Contain a higher level of calcium than products of the same type and nutritional quality; and

(2) Are equal to or lower in price than products of the same type and nutritional quality.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 2 of this section to the contrary, if a state institution determines that a high calcium food or beverage that is preferred pursuant to subsection 2 of this section will interfere with the proper treatment and care of a patient of such institution, the purchasing agent shall not be required to purchase the high calcium food or beverage for such patient.  

Missouri Statutes

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