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HR Operations & Systems

PPDB Group


What We Do
The PPDB Group (HR Systems) is responsible for the development, revision, operation, and security of the statewide-computerized human resource (personnel-related) systems, their databases and tables. These systems are mission-critical in support of statewide human resources administration and are used by all agencies in the three branches of Oregon State government and the Oregon State Lottery. It does not include employee or position data for the Oregon University System. These systems must be available on a daily basis with information instantaneously available for HR and payroll processing. Reports and information are provided for regular and special report/download requests including informational needs for state executive and legislative levels of analysis and decision-making.

Who Do I Contact For PPDB Questions & Information?
HR Systems Contact List (pdf)

PPDB Web Reporting
How to Access PPDB Web Reports (pdf)

PPDB Web Reports Login

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Personnel Information Exchange

PIE Meeting Recaps
The Personnel Information Exchange meetings are held quarterly to provide information to state agencies regarding the Personnel and Position Database. Recaps of the meetings and handouts are posted here. (PDF)
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PPDB Resources & Information

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Enhanced PPDB

What Is E-PPDB?
E-PPDB is enhancements to the current PPDB system. DAS HR Systems is working on enhancing the current PPDB system to include more data fields, expansion of existing fields and new screens to capture more data. DAS recognizes without the Human Resource Information (HRIS) project moving forward at the present time, it is more critical that enhancements be made to the PPDB system in order to assist agencies in their key business goals and objectives. As E-PPDB continues to move forward information will be posted here for your review and comments.

Phase One Enhancements to the PPDB System
Implementation for the E-PPDB phase one enhancements is scheduled for the evening of January 14th, 2011. PPDB will be brought down that evening and remain down through the weekend including the holiday on the 17th. It will be brought back up on Tuesday, January 18th with the new changes in effect.

Many of you are aware of the E-PPDB changes in phase one from the discussions/handouts at the various PIE meetings and managers’ meetings over the past several months; but for those of you who may not had the opportunity to attend meetings or view the documentation you may click on the following links indicated below to view the changes.

One of the new fields being added is state email address. This field will initially be populated using the state email address in the iLearn system which will capture a number of the state email addresses but not all. The only other method for populating this field is for agencies to provide the information either through a file or manual update. Some of you have provided us with a list of email addresses which will be loaded into the new data field when the enhancements are implemented.

If state email addresses need to be updated after implementation they will need to be processed manually in PPDB or a request can be sent to GROUP.PPDB@STATE.OR.US with a list employees to be updated. This list should include the employee’s identification number (OR#) along with the state email address. The agency request will be processes following the current guidelines and billed accordingly.

The PPDB online screen will still display the truncated name in the composite of the employee record which will be used for the current Soundex system and other PPDB display screens (i.e. PBEV, PBEV etc). Future phases of the enhancements to PPDB will include an improved Name Search system and an Online Activity Log.

E-PPDB - Enhancements of Employee Data Fields for PBE1 Screen
E-PPDB - Current and Revised Screen Print

If you have any PPDB processing questions on the new fields, please email GROUP.PPDB@STATE.OR.US

Who to Contact for Questions on E-PPDB?

Jeanette Miley
Email: jeanette.miley@state.or.us or group.ppdb@state.or.us
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Other Resources

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