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About Us
Mission Statement
Department of Administrative Services
We serve state government to benefit the people of Oregon.

E-Government Directive
The Oregon Department of Administrative Services E-Government Program has a requirement under Executive Order 01-25 and specific statutory requirements to deliver centralized and improved services under ORS 184-305, 291-038, 291.032 and 291-034 to the State of Oregon in a comprehensive electronic government initiative. In the 2001 Legislative Assembly, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) was charged with implementing an electronic government program that was to revamp the State Internet presence and improve the general interaction between government and its citizens.


The E-Government program helps state agencies move information and payment processes online in order to provide services to citizens for what they need, when they need it.
E-Government uses technology to offer online services to the public, such as registering your car or truck online. Oregon also uses E-Government to help state agencies and employees collaborate and share information through our online collaboration tool, Govspace.Oregon.gov

The move to E-Government has not been easy. In the past, each agency had its own Internet platform. This meant that Oregon had 70+ Internet platforms. To make E-Government work, these agency platforms needed to talk to one another and to share information. 

The E-Government program first worked with agencies across the state to create an E-Government plan.  We teamed up with consultants to choose the equipment and applications that would make the plan work.


Online Web Content Management

The E-Government program provides over 145 websites including Oregon.gov.  This content receives over 234 million page views per year.

This current design has made Oregon.gov easy to use in several ways:

  • All state Web sites will have a uniform appearance.  Now you will know when you are on an official Web site.  
  • A menu bar on the left side of your screen and a menu on the bottom of your screen will help you find your way around an agency's Web site.
  • You will find searches easier.  You won't need to wade through hundreds of Web pages to find one that answers your questions. 
  • You will be able to look through the directory of government organizations to find specific programs.

Not all our improvements can be easily seen.  We have developed several tools for state agencies to use when creating their Web sites.  These tools make creating and updating agency Web pages as easy as writing the text and submitting it.

E-Commerce allows state agencies to offer their products or services online. We work with agencies to develop their catalogs and virtual shopping carts. Finally, through the DAS E-Government Transaction Processing Engine, we manage the payment process. 
Web or mobile based applications

The E-Government program can be engaged to assist government organizations by developing custom online applications to fit the specific needs of your division.  We also provide an enterprise regulatory licensing platform that our customers can leverage rather than purchase their own.  For information on how an agency could benefit from this service, or to engage the program, please contact us.  
Enterprise Collaboration

Oregon GovSpace is an internet based collaboration tool and is available to all agencies, boards, commissions and their business partners in county/local government or key stakeholders as long as the agency determines they have a business purpose to collaborate online together.
More information about Oregon GovSpace