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Making the Internet Work for Oregon
Electronic Government
Electronic Government (E-Government) means doing government business over the Internet.  This is a big change from the way Oregon´s government has worked in the past.  Oregon´s E-Government is founded on serving you by providing:
  • Convenience – You will now be able to get information, such as bills before the legislature, and services, such as professional license renewals, 24 hours a day.
  • Accessibility – You can have access to Oregon´s government from anywhere, including the privacy of your own home.  In addition, Oregon´s Web sites are ADA 508 compliant.
  • Trustworthy – Your information is safe with us.  We use proven strategies to keep our Web sites secure.
  • Efficiency – You have an easier time using our services.  We are working to provide you with integrated services that do not require duplicating efforts to access our services.
Oregon´s government is working to meet your needs better. 

The E-Government Program has identified several objectives toward meeting your needs better.
  • Creating a Single State of Oregon Government Identity Online – You will know when you are on state Web site and will be able to move from one agency´s site to another more easily.   
  • Promoting Digital Government – You will receive more government services online.  You will also have an easier time finding information about those services.
  • Saving the State Money - Governments are under increased pressure to manage taxpayers´ dollars more carefully.  In general, this means providing more services at a lower cost.  The E-Government program uses the technology of the Internet to help Oregon meet this goal.

The E-Government Program can help the state of Oregon reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. Business, government agencies, and the public will benefit.

Everyone expects more from their government.  By moving government services online, you will receive:
  • More Convenience - You can do business whenever you want, wherever you want, even in the privacy of your own home.
  • Better Customer Service - You can answer most of your questions without leaving the comfort of your own home.  The information is literally right at your fingertips.
  • More Information Access - You can find important information much more easily with our new search engine.

E-Government can help business function more competitively.
  • Lower Costs - When employees must drive to government offices and wait in line, businesses are losing productive time.  Fewer trips to government offices means your employees have more productive time in the office.
  • More Information Access - Company decision-makers must have accurate and timely information to make good business decisions. By putting the information you need on the Internet, you have access to the information when you need it.

State Government
Using E-Government technology will help state government meet the needs of citizens and businesses more easily.
  • Decreased Costs - Consolidating hardware and software needed to maintain an Internet presence allows the State of Oregon to share applications. Once an application has been developed for one agency, all agencies can use it. 
  • Increased Efficiency - Online transactions are faster and more accurate than manual transactions.
  • Increased Esteem - Improving customer service will help Oregon be a better place to live and do business.

Web Site Redesign
Oregon.gov provides a single entry point to all the state Web sites.  You can more easily get the information you want.
Oregon.gov will be redesigned to be easier to use and . During the redesign we focused on four areas:
  • Uniform Appearance – All state Web sites will have a uniform appearance.  Now you will know when you are on an official Web site. 
  • Simpler Navigation – A menu bar on the left side of your screen and a menu on the bottom of your screen will help you find your way around an agency´s Web site. 
  • Popular Tasks – You will find the most frequently needed Web pages prominently featured on each agency´s Web page. 
  • Government Organization Directory by Function – You will be able to look through the directory of government organizations to find specific programs.

Content Management
E-Government has created a common look and feel for all state of Oregon Web sites. We provide agencies with Web page templates containing common elements and graphics, such as the menus you see at the top and left of your screen. These templates provide the framework for agencies to put their content in. No HTML or technical knowledge is necessary.
State agencies own and maintain their own content. We help reduce the time and effort needed to create or update an agency´s Web page once the text is written. Our content management tool is easy to learn. Agency staff just types the text in and clicks submit.  

supported browsers

You want to be able to do more than just look up facts and policies.  You want to be able to avoid trips to agency offices to pay for government services. With the transaction payment engine, you are not limited to doing business during "government hours."  We are open when you need us. 
State agencies offering online services include:

Menu Bars
Finding all the Web pages about a subject has just gotten easier. You can browse through the key user task bar (also call the subject-based menu) across the top of the screen for a subject. Select the subject and you will get a page listing Oregon.gov Web pages related to your choice.
For example, if you want information about starting a business in Oregon, click on Business, then on Business Development, then on Starting a Business. You get a Web page with links to registering your business in Oregon and filing corporate taxes.
On this Web page, you can click on the "More on this Topic…" link. Oregon.gov does the search for you. You receive a list of all Oregon.gov Web pages that deal with the topic.