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Introduction to Our Services

Managed Computing Services

ETS provides hosting for mainframe and server-based applications with flexibility and choice to meet the varying needs of state and local government.  All platforms are built using best practice, meet state security standards and are maintained and monitored to ensure a reliable computing experience.  



ETS engineers, builds and supports customized hosting solutions designed to help customers improve IT quality, efficiency and reliability. Depending on infrastructure needs, ETS can virtualize existing servers, build an entire custom hosted infrastructure, or simply provide a managed server. ETS’ wide array of professional capabilities provides the right solution to meet the customers’ needs.



Colocation services provide a secure location in an access controlled facility for housing servers and related equipment that customers own and manage. This service can assist with disaster recovery, redundancy and backups or simply provide a physical space for proprietary equipment to be located with hosted applications.


Storage Services

ETS provides highly available disk storage for all server platforms. A wide range of storage and backup choices are available for computing platforms and locations.


Data Storage

Data storage services provide secure technology and capacity management to sotre customers' data in a manner that meets their performance and availability needs.



Backup services create reliable copies of data, related software and supporting configurations for the purpose of reproducing data from a sprecific point in time in the event the original is lost, erased, damaged, or changed in error.


Data Network Services

ETS provides secure and reliable access to data and technology. The redundant network is designed for flexibility to meet federal and state requirements for secure transport of data.  Hosted systems and their private/public data is secured to ensure that they are protected at the state’s highest security standards.


State Network Services

State network access services provide connectivity to state and agency resources (such as servers at the SDC), to other governmental offices that are connected to the state network, and to the Internet.


Local Area Network

Local area network services provide networking of computing devices within the customers' physical locations and to the state network, allowing:

  • Computing resources such as files, printers and applications to be shared
  • Data and messages to be sent and received in a secure and reliable manner

    Application Services

    ETS manage and distribute enterprise shared software solutions to customers across the state network from the central data center. The business model and infrastructure to acquire, support  and maintain enterprise class applications allow all state agencies to share common business applications.


    Application Delivery

    ETS provides application development or customization of purchased applications to enable agencies to meet short-term needs and support future growth. This service accelerates the delivery of high quality business applications on standard technology platforms with fewer defects, less rework and lower costs over the lifetime of the application. ETS also provides optional on-going maintenance and support of custom-built or purchased applications to help preserve the value of the applications over their lifecycle by optimizing application performance, enhancing capabilities, and even deleting obsolete functions.



    ETS provides online services that allow government agencies to:

    • Better deliver services to citizens and improve interactions with business and industry through web-enabled applications and content
  • Improve efficiency of government management through tools that enable intra- and inter-governmental collaboration
  • Empower citizens through access to information using an open data portal that brings government information together from diverse sources in a uniform way

    Workplace Productivity Services

    ETS offers resources to securely and reliably connect people to information. The combination of flexible technology choices and standard deployments enables us to meet the varying needs of government customers.


    Desktop Support

    Desktop services support the customer’s desktop needs by providing:

    • Operational management of the customer’s desktops, laptops, tablets, peripheral equipment (i.e. printers), and workplace tools such as email. Standard desktop software includes Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word and Visio
    • Management of the customer’s internal network (Local Area Network) that allows sharing of resources such as data, files, printers and applications


    Computer Lab

    Computer lab services provide a fully equipped site at DAS East (1225 Ferry St., Salem) for customers to use to meet short term desktop computing needs such as training. The lab rental includes Windows-based computers and presentation tools.


    Enterprise Email

    Enterprise email services enable the sending, receiving and reviewing of emails from Outlook clients, web browsers or mobile devices. It incorporates calendaring and instant messaging within the email system and removes mailbox limitations.


    IT Professional Services

    ETS offers a broad range of skilled IT professionals to assist with your technology needs. ETS provides general technical support, consulting and IT project management to meet customer short-term technology needs.












     Service Catalog: Our service catalog is included in our service level agreement.

    Service Level Agreement w/Service Catalog (pdf)

    Voice TSOs: Voice services are now provided through CenturyLink. To place a TSO for voice service, please use the attached form. For any questions concerning voice services, please contact CenturyLink directly at 1-800-422-0124


     Guidelines for RFPs: ETS provides architecture guidelines relating to hardware requirements for application development initiatives for customers planning to use ETS hosting services.