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Archive Mail Manager - Email Archive
Problem Statement:
DAS was faced with a data management issue in the use, organization, storage, retention, and retrieval of email and associated attachments. The IT Governance Council has requested that DAS find an email archive system that along with other criteria, was easily integrated into Outlook.
Implementation of Archive Mail Manager and elimination of PST files.
Archive Manager:
We have now completed the migration for all DAS Division and Client Agencies to Archive Mail Manager.  We have also "stubbed" any email older that 30 days which dramatically reduces the storage space consumed on the exchange server.  By stubbing older mail it provides transparent access to the "stubbed" mail stored on the Archive Manager server. 
Since February 2009, when TSC first implemented Archive Manager, the result has been a net accumulation of 225 GB of email, which amounts to a 40% reduction of disk space consumption.  Archive Manager de-duplicates attachments.  TSC expects this 40% to be over 50% once PST are imported.
In addition to reducing storage on the server and providing search functionality of our archived mail  several public records requests have been processed with excellent results.  
Click here for a list of Archive Mail Manager FAQ.
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What you need to know
Besides the main purpose of archivingSpell email, there are several benefits associated with the implementation of this new Archive Mail Manager. Here are just a few: 
  1. Unlimited Mailbox sizes
  2. Reduction in email storage on active disk
  3. All DAS email in a single place and searchable on multiple criteria
  4. Decrease LAN and Desktop support costs with the elimination of PST support
  5. Reduction in tape backup charges as PST will no longer exist to be backed up
What does this mean for you? 
All of your email, incoming and outgoing is being archived.  Even if you delete email or folders of email in your Outlook, Archive Mail Manager has already recorded and stored the mail.  This will reduce the need to continue to store email in folders in your "inbox" folder structure or use PSTs.  Anytime you need access to email you deleted, you simply go to your "My Archive" folder.
You will only be able to view and search for your own email.  You will not have access to anyone else’s email and they will not have access to yours unless special permissions are created and allowed for you.  This would require special authorization.
For now, continue using email and PSTs as you currently do. If your PSTs have grown large and are affecting your Outlook performance, contact TSC helpdesk and we will assist you.  tsc@state.or.us or 503-378-2135.