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Technology Support Center - Agency Computer Basics

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Most of us take our Agency’s network for granted.  We log into our computer, click on our folder shortcut and open our document, spreadsheet, form, etc.   We don’t think about the directory structure or how by clicking on a folder we are allowed to “open” that folder to view the contents, and how network security makes that possible.  
With any job, when you hired, you are given tasks, and most times, equipment to complete that task.  If you are in construction you may use a hammer, a skill saw, or other power tools, and wear protective gear to protect yourself.  You must learn how to use the equipment “safely” in order to protect yourself and your work.
Your computer is an essential piece of equipment needed to complete your day-to-day work.  You must learn how to use this equipment “safely” in order to protect your folders and files. It used to be that knowing how to type and save a file was enough.  The evolution of the PC, software and our ever increasing dependence on electronic documents, as well as, computer security, has become more and more complicated since its creation.  We have reached a point where it has become necessary to become proactive and educate ourselves on network security and a few other “basics”.
The information provided here are a courtesy to aide you in your efforts to educate yourself on network basics.