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Technology Support Center - Purchasing


TSC orders LAN and Desktop equipment for DAS Employees according to DAS Internal Policies 107-01-070 and 107-01-020. 
DAS Internal Policy 107-01-070 is to assure Department purchases of LAN and Desktop products or services are aligned with established Department standards throughout DAS Divisions and Offices. As governed by this policy, networked desktop service includes the following: computer hardware, computer software, peripheral devices, switching equipment, data connections, access to the Internet, and trained technical staff to keep the service working. Exemptions include: Products and services purchased by DAS Purchasing on behalf of other state agencies or political subdivisions. Products and services procured by or for DAS IRMD for use in providing service to enterprise customers (i.e. mainframe hardware and software, WAN equipment, etc.).

DAS Internal Policy 107-01-020 provides purchasing authority from the DAS Procuremt Officer.  This delegation is requred per ORS 184.305, 185.340, ORS Chapter 190, ORS 279A-279B-279C, OAR Chapter 125 Divisions 22-246-247-248-249 and DAS Policy 107-109-010,


  1. Standard laptop
  2. Standard desktop
  3. Server: 1.
    • Will this server be supported by the SDC?

Here is a link to the laptop and desktop standards.

  1. Select from the configurations above (Options A – B) the computer that best fits your needs. These computer systems are basic in specifications and can be changed to meet your needs.
  2. E-mail ETS Purchasing at ETS.PURCHASING@state.or.us with your equipment needs.
    1. TSC will create a ticket for tracking purposes and will obtain an up-to-the-minute quote for your new system.
    2. You will be notified with cost information.
    3. If a purchase is to be made TSC will handle all the purchasing steps.
  3. Please provide an e-mail to TSC from a purchasing authority, including a PCA code.
    1. When the new system is received, TSC will asset tag and assign a field technician to customize the system per customer specifications.
    2. A field technician will install the new system.
    3. When the invoice from the vendor is received, TSC will process the invoice using the client’s PCA code. A copy of the PO, PR, Packing Slip, Invoice and Coding Block can be emailed upon request.


Purpose: Non-standard software is used for specific job functions such as accounting, graphic design, project management, specialized management reports etc.
Any software that did not come installed on your DAS computer by the TSC is considered non-standard.

Some non-standard software has already been tested and approved by TSC.  Software that is not on the approved non-standard list will need to go through testing and have the legal terms and conditions reviewd before an approval for purchasing will be authorized. 
Here is a list of standard and non-standard but approved software.

Tips: We recommend that you have your manager with Signature Authority email ETS Purchasing as soon as you know that you will need non-standard software. Time varies in the length of time it takes to receive software licenses.

Do you intend to acquire server software or desktop software?

  1. If server, is your server supported by the SDC?
  2. Desktop software, is it standard software or non-standard software.
    • Standard software, contact ETS Purchasing.
    • Non-standard software, refer to the Non-Standard software process below.
Non-standard software may be ordered as follow: 
  1. Email ETS Purchasing.
  2. Once ETS Purchasing has your request, a CSR will be created. 
  3. When the review has been completed and if it has been approved, it will then go through the quote process. If the software has been denied, you will recieve email notification of the denial and the reasoning for the denial.