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Have a mainframe or server-based application you need hosted?

We offer competitively priced hosting to meet the needs of state and local governments.  All our platforms are built using industry best practices and meet state security standards.  We monitor and maintain our environments to provide a reliable computing experience.  

Need a storage or backup solution? 
We provide a range of storage and backup choices with data safeguarding options available.  Our services provide highly available disk storage at competitive costs, with skilled staff, and tools to manage and analyze your storage needs.  


Looking for an Oregon.gov email address?

Our services provide email and calendars through Outlook email clients, Web browsers, and mobile services. We include email archiving options that meet legal discovery and regulation requirements. We also offer optional calendar sharing with other Enterprise Email customers.


Short on IT skills?

Missing a specific IT skill set you need to troubleshoot an application, improve a system, or assist with a complicated network or infrastructure configuration?  We offer technical expertise in computing, network, storage, infrastructure, planning and security to help you address temporary, short-term needs.


Need a boost in your E-Government / E-Commerce capability?

Hard to keep up with your E-Government needs?  We provide online web content management, web based applications, licensing, online E-Commerce, Open Data Portal, and a web based platform to enable collaboration with any organization the state works with.  We offer the ability to use one or several of the following funding choices: self funded, per transaction fees, or traditional time and materials. 
Network need upgraded?  

We provide secure and reliable access for your business applications, with the flexibility needed to meet your federal, state or local requirements for a secure transport of data. 


Disaster recovery a concern?  

Need help with your disaster recovery and preparedness?  Our various options include brokering services, acting as a disaster recovery site, or providing disaster recovery services on applications hosted at our facility.


Applications help needed?

We develop new applications and customized licensed applications to provide high quality business applications on standard technology platforms. Our approach gives you fewer defects, less rework and lower costs over the lifetime of the application.


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