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Leadership Oregon Resources
Class Recommendations
"Non-Violent Communication - A Language of Compassion" by Marshall Rosenberg 
"Swarm Savvy" - Science News (May 2009)
Verbal Judo 

Bleiker, Hans & Annemarie - Institute for Participatory Management & Planning
Denning, Steve - The Secret Language of Leadership -- (Chapter 1) 
     The Secret Language of Leadership Webinar Presentation (pdf);
     Leadership Story Telling Guide (pdf);  Springboard Story Template (pdf);
     Financial Times Book Review (pdf)
Glaser, Peter & Susan - Glaser & Associates
Martell, Christine - VisualsSpeak
On Your Feet Improvisational Group
Poulson, Brit - Poulson Leadership Consultants
ODOT's News Media Workshop 2009 - HandoutWorkshop 

Lee Mun Wah - Stir Fry Seminars
Library, Oregon State - Diversity Library; Cultural Competency Initiative (pdf);
McIntosh, Peggy -"Daily Effects of White Privilege" (pdf);
    "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack" (pdf)
Wise, Tim - Recommended Books/Readings/Resources (pdf);
"Membership Has Its Privileges: Thoughts on Acknowledging and Challenging Whiteness" (pdf)

Johnston, Bryan - Social Capital & Leadership (pdf) 
Ten Early Signs that Someone Might Make a Great Leader (pdf)
Tips for Optimistic Leadership (pdf)

State Government
The Big Dipper: Another Rollercoaster Ride for the Oregon Economy (pdf) - Office of Economic Analysis, Department of Administrative Services 
Oregon's Report Card (Pew Center on the States)
Walters, Justice Martha Lee (Oregon Supreme Court) -
    The Blind Man & The Elephant (pdf)   Judicial Branch - State of the Court (pdf)

Good Company, Joshua Skov - Foundations of Sustainability (pdf) 
"The Bottleneck," Chapter 2 of The Future of Life, by Edward O. Wilson     (2002) (pdf)
"Carbon Conundrum," Consumer Reports (February 2008) 
Energy Trust of Oregon 
Environmental Working Group - Shopper's Guide to Pesticides 
EPEAT - Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool - rating system for computer hardware
LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design 
Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch - guides to help consumers make sustainable decisions
National Geographic, special issue on energy (March 2009)
"Nuclear Power," National Geographic (April 2006)
"Peak Oil - An Overview," John Kaufmann, Oregon Department of Energy  (2008) (pdf)
RealClimate - climate science from climate scientists
Responsible Purchasing Network 
Summary for Policy Makers, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Assessment Report 4, Working Group 2 (2007) (pdf)
"Sustainability in the Department of Administrative Services and the State of Oregon," Elin Shepard, Department of Administrative Services (2009) (pdf) 

Workforce Planning
Alaska Agency Workforce Planning Guide (pdf)
Bjelland, Richard (Oregon Housing & Community Services) -
     Changing Demographics - Impacts to Oregon and the U.S. 
DCBS Succession Planning Presentation (pdf)
DCBS Workforce Development Talking Points (pdf)
EEO Job Groups List (pdf)
Employment Strategic Planning Talking Points (pdf)
Forestry Leadership Program Overview (pdf)
Forestry Leadership Program Summary (pdf)
Forestry Succession Management Planning (pdf)
NASPE Workforce Planning Summary (pdf)
NASPE Workforce Planning Webinar (pdf)
"When Generations Collide" - Article (pdf)
Wilson, Sue (Dept of Administrative Services) - State Government's Workforce  (pdf)