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Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study
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Every two years, the state of Oregon completes the Highway Cost Allocation Study.  This study is the main instrument used during legislative sessions to determine changes in weight-mile and fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees.  The Office of Economic Analysis manages this study. 
More information about the Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study 


2013 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf) 
      Appendices (pdf) 
2011 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf) 
      Efficient Fee (pdf) 
      Appendices (pdf) 
2009 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf) 
2007 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf)  
2005 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf)  
2003 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (pdf) 
2001 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study (zip)  
Copies of the 1999 Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study: Final Report are available.  Please send an email with your mailing address to receive a copy. 

HCAS Study Team
The Study Review Team consists of outside experts knowledgeable about transportation policy.  It includes experts working for interested parties such as the trucking industry and AAA.  The team is chaired by the State Economist.  The Study Review Team's main functions are to identify key issues to be studied and to review the contractor's analysis and work products.  The Study Review Team will meet approximately eight times between November 2007 and January 2009.  The Study Review Team receives no compensation for their service. The Study Review Team will:
  • Select the contractor to conduct the study  
  • Review the contractor's final work plan
  • Provide policy direction to the study
  • Review the contractor's work elements
  • Review the draft study

HCAS Study Team Members 

Study Team:
Carl Batten, ECONorthwest
Melissa Rowe, ECONorthwest
Randall Pozdena, ECONorthwest
Mark Ford, Mark Ford and Associates
Roger Mingo, RD Mingo & Associates
Steve Drahota, HDR
Mike Lawrence, Jack Faucett Associates
Jon Skolnik, Jack Faucett Associates


Study Review Team:
Mark McMullen (Chair), Oregon Office of Economic Analysis
Jerri Bohard, Oregon Department of Transportation
Miguel Figliozzi, Portland State University
Chris Higgins, Oregon State University
Mazen Malik, Oregon Legislative Revenue Office
Tim Morgan, AAA Oregon
Don Negri, Willamette University
Jon Oshel, Association of Oregon Counties
Doug Parrow, Citizen
Bob Russell, Oregon Trucking Association
Craig Campbell, AAA Oregon
Project Manager:
Tom Potiowsky, Portland State University
The study team received valuable assistance from Lani Pennington, Tessa Jantzi,
John Merriss, Dan Porter, Dave Kavanaugh, Bert Hartman, Stefan Hamlin, April
Carpenter, Cliff Boley, and Jennifer Campbell at the Oregon Department of